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Thank you for your interest in our WardrobeTools Software Beta and Usability Testing Program. Please fill out this Tester Application for Wardrobe Planner, our wardrobe inventory and outfit management for people who are NOT wardrobe professionals
Questions marked with an * are required Exit Survey
* 1. Please tell us your name
* 2. Please provide us with your email address:
* 3. Please describe your interest in using Wardrobe Planner
Must have
* 4. Have you ever Beta Tested software or hardware¬†before? If so, please name or describe all software and hardware you have Beta Tested you have participated in (Please use the "Other" Box for names/descriptions)

* 5. Describe your interest, motivation and availability level in participating in our Beta and Usability Testing Program for our Wardrobe Planner application.
I am willing to participate a great deal
I don't know how much time I will have to participate.
I am willing to participate as time permits
I would like to get a free software license.
I would like to get a price reduction on a software license.
I don't care about receiving software for free or at a reduced price
I want to help make a great product that can serve my needs for years to come.
I want to make sure that there are no software bugs or glitches before I buy.
I am hoping that by participating it will help me learn the program completely
I want to make suggestions in design and work flow for future versions.
I want to contribute feature ideas.
I want to help promote your software.
I want to become an affiliate and participate in your re-seller program.
I work for a competitor and need to evaluate the competition!

* 6. Please tell us all the reasons you feel you would be a good Beta Tester:
I have Beta Tested other software or hardware.
I am a software junkie and love to try new software.
I am very detail oriented.
I am very organized.
I follow instructions well.
I have a good sense of urgency and the immediate.
I am a computer wiz.
I am a professional in the wardrobe, fashion, entertainment or sports industry.
I need a product similar to yours and want to see if yours is a good fit for me.
I like contributing to projects.
I have much time on my hands and thus can devote a lot of time and effort.
I want to see if I can do it.
I want free products.
Seems like fun!

7. Please answer the following questions: (see our web page that provides a display of and a download link for our Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Yes No Maybe
* Are you considering developing software that will compete with ours?
* Are you currently developing software that will compete with ours?
* Are you currently employed by or associated with anyone who is developing software that will compete with ours?
* Do you understand what a "Non-Disclosure" Agreement is?
* Have you ever signed a "Non-Disclosure" Agreement?
* Are you willing to sign a "Non-Disclosure" Agreement with us?
* Are you willing to adhere to the stipulations of our "Non-Disclosure" Agreement?
* 8. I have a PC/Windows or Mac computer with the following operating system:
Window XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OSX Lion
Mac OSX Mountain Lion
Mac OSX Mavericks
Mac OSX Yosemite
I Don't Know
9. Definitions Examples:
Low - Computer Challenged
Medium Low - Email and Web Browsing is about the extent of it.
Medium - Download/upload files to the web, unzip files, create folders and storage locations.
High - Familiar with many software programs, file storage, operating systems and similar.
Pro - Design, develop or configure computer related items such as software, web sites, networks and similar.
* In general, please describe your knowledge and comfort level with computers and software.
Medium Low
10. How answer the following regarding your computer expertise:
No Knowledge Some Knowledge Very Knowledgeable
* Email and Web Browsing
* Copy/Paste/Cut functions
* Renaming files and folders
* File Extensions
* Download and Upload files to the web
* Attach files to emails
* Zip and Unzip files
* Create folders and subfolders
* Files storage locations
* Locate files on a hard drive
No Knowledge Some Knowledge Very Knowledgeable
* Software installation
* Participation in Webinars
* Remote Desktop Connections
* VPN and Remote connections to servers
* Many software programs (in general)
* Software Menu and Toolbar functions (in general)
* Microsoft Word or similar
* Microsoft Excel or similar
* Flow/Organizational Chart Software
* DropBox or similar
* Databases in general
* Operating Systems
* Windows/PC
* OSX/Mac
Thank you for completing our survey and your interest in our Beta Testing and Development Program!

The WardrobeTools Management Team
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