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This survey is for the parents and caregivers of children with disabilities (age birth through 20) enrolled in Medicaid. Our goal is to collect data on how well the Medicaid system has educated parents and caregivers on The services and supports available to these children. 

Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. Your information will be coded and will remain confidential.

Thank you very much for your time.

Summer Harrison
Medicaid Disability Advocacy 
Please tell us who you are.
I am the parent of an individual with disabilities currently enrolled in Medicaid.
I am the caregiver for an individual with disabilities enrolled in Medicaid.
I am an individual with disabilities who is currently enrolled in Medicaid.

How old was the individual with disabilities when enrollment in Medicaid was completed?
birth to less than 3 years old
3 years old to eleven years old
12 years old to 18 years old
19 or 20 years old
older than 21
Please tell us what state you live in.
Have you ever been told by Medicaid that there was a limit on medical supplies (such as mic-key buttons, extension tubing, syringes, HMEs, trachs, etc) that is less than what your child really needs? (For example, a child with a mic-key could get one button per month, but some families are told as few as two per year). If your answer is yes, please use the comment box to tell us what type of supply, the limit, and what your child really needs.
Please tell us the details

Has Medicaid ever denied authorization or authorized less than your doctor ordered for any of the following items?
Yes - denied Yes - reduced No - don't need/never asked Didn't know I could ask for this
Visits to out-of-state-specialists
Equipment like wheelchairs, bath lifts, communications technology
Therapy services like OT, PT and Speech
Home nursing services
Prescription medications
Special diets for tube-fed children
Home personal attendant services
Behavioral therapy
Once your child was enrolled in Medicaid, were you ever told about any of the following benefits available to him or her?
The child would get all their necessary check ups and vaccines.
The child was entitled to see specialists if necessary.
The child's travel to out of state specialists would be paid for if necessary.
The child was entitled to home services such as skilled nursing, skills trainers, personal assistants, etc.
The child was entitled to durable medical equipment like wheelchairs, bath lifts, commode and shower chairs, communications devices, assistive technology, etc?
The child would receive whatever their doctor said was medically necessary.
I don't remember being told any of these things
Definitely not.

Have you ever been told to rely on "natural supports" in caring for your child?
yes, before enrollment in Medicaid
yes, after enrollment in Medicaid
not applicable

Has Medicaid asked you to do any of the following:
Have your skills in caring for your child evaluated
Take training classes in how to care for your child
How do you feel about your child's Medicaid case manager? Check off as many as are applicable.
This person has been very helpful.
I believe this person has my child's best interests at heart.
I don't know who the case manager is.
I do not believe the case manager has my child's best interests at heart.
This person has never helped with making appointments or coordinating services my child is receiving.
My child seems to have multiple case managers who work together.
My child seems to have multiple case managers who do not work together.

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