Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center Community Health Needs Assessment 2023

Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center is conducting a study on healthcare needs in our community. This study will help us in our efforts to improve our services. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. Please Note: Because we want to get feedback from as many people as possible, you may receive more than one request to complete it. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you only take the survey once. All responses are confidential. Feel free not to answer any questions you choose. Thank you for your help.
What is your age?
What is your Gender? (Adapted from the Oregon Health Authority’s guidelines on collecting gender information)
What is your race?  (adapted from the Oregon Health Authority’s guidelines on collecting race, ethnicity, and language and disability data)
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino Latina Latinx
Middle Eastern or North African
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
White Non-Hispanic
Other Options:
Please select your Zip Code.
What type of provider do you prefer to be treated by?
Do you use Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center or its health clinics for your main healthcare needs?
Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center would like to ensure we are taking care of the needs of our community. Please check all services that you, a family member, or a local friend need within the community.
Were you aware that Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center offers the following Specialty and Outpatient Services? 
24/7 Emergency Department
Care Coordination Services
Diabetic Education
General Orthopedic Surgery
General Surgery
Infusion Therapy
INR Management (Coagulation Services)
Laboratory Services
Medical Imaging Services
Osteopathy Primary Care
Ostomy & Wound Care
Outpatient Behavioral Health with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Outpatient Respiratory Services
Oximetry (Preliminary Sleep Study)
Pain Management Care
Pulmonary Function Tests
Were you aware that Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center offers the following preventative and imaging services? 
3D Digital Mammography
Bone Density
CT Scans (64 Slice)
Were you aware Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center provides services in conjunction with the following? 
Nephrology services through Dr. Qadir from North Bend Medical Center
Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialty Services through Dr. Wallace Webster
Telemedicine has proven to be an effective way to increase access to healthcare. Would you be open to having telemedicine visits for primary care, specialty services, and/or behavioral health services?
How do you feel the following supportive service needs are being met by Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center?
Needs Are Being Met
Needs Are Somewhat Being Met
Needs Are Not Being Met
I don't know
Bariatric Services (Obesity Related Diseases)
Care Management
Counseling/Assessment/Life Coaching
Follow-up/Discharge Planning
Health Education
Help With Enrollment Services for Medicaid
Help Understanding Recommended Medical Care
Medical Supplies for In-Home Use
Referral to Other Locations
Based on your personal experiences, are you aware of any of the following groups who need care? 
Please indicate all the following aspects of health care services Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center could provide that would benefit you personally. (Please mark your top 3)
If you or your family members have been to any of the healthcare facilities below, please let us know the reason for your visit. 
Adult Specialty/Surgery
Children's Specialty/Surgery
General Healthcare
Bay Clinic (Coos Bay)
Coquille Valley Hospital (Coquille)
Waterfall Clinic (North Bend)
North Bend Medical Center (Coos Bay)
Bay Area Hospital (Coos Bay)
Coast Community Health Center (Bandon)
Coast Community Health Center (Brookings)
Coast Community Health Center (Port Orford)
Curry Family Medical (Port Orford)
Curry General Hospital (Gold Beach)
Adult Specialty/Surgery
Children's Specialty/Surgery
General Healthcare
Curry Medical Center (Brookings)
PeaceHealth Riverbend (Springfield)
Slocum Orthopedic (Eugene)
South Coast Orthopedic Associates (Coos Bay)
Oregon Health Sciences University (Portland)
VA Health Care (Roseburg)
VA Health Care (Brookings)
Mercy Health (Roseburg)
How has your experience been in working with Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center and our clinics?
Needs Work
Customer Service
Explanation of diagnosis and treatment options
Treated with dignity
Please explain your above ratings.
Are there barriers to you or your family using Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center or its affiliated clinics?
Please take a moment to share any general comments you have about health care or supportive service needs in the area.
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