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What about the Spins hack in coin master
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Some time ago, the King Spirit was released as a very interesting and new card in coin master. After some games and extensive tests with the King Spirit, today you have the best tips for the King Spirit and you can build it into your decks.
King Spirit - The best tipsThe best tips for the coin master
In our opinion, the king spirit is between bandit and dark prince.
The dark prince due to the area damage. The bandit, because he is invisible and therefore he is untouchable.
Nothing can attack him until he attacks first.
Do not forget that you can hurt him with spells or area damage while he is invisible.
For 3 elixirs with 135 DPS he is a good support card.
Similar to the bandit with its onslaught behind a tank, the opposing forces are not even aware of his presence while he is invisible. Thus he can do massive damage.
Its splash radius is enough to kill all 3 goblins simultaneously. When you stand facing him, carefully play your goblins and  free raids with Coin master hack tool  .
Use swarm or minitanks such as Knights, Valkyrie, etc. in 1v1, even on your side of the map, it will still shred your wizard, ice mage, musketeer, etc. After taking out your glass canon card, it becomes invisible again and moves then to the tower to deal 230 damage per hit (at tournament standard), which is only 10 less than the 
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