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How did you learn of the AIM Convention?
Through the media (newspaper, magazine, trade journal, billboards, etc) website
Local church announcement
Through a friend
On the internet (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc)
While passing the event location
Why did you attend our convention? Select all that apply.
Enhance my local ministry
Annual summer church event
The convention was in my area
I attend every year
Social media promotions

What is your level of satisfaction with the AIM Convention?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
Please indicate the importance of the following.
Very Unimportant Somewhat Unimportant Neutral Somewhat Important Very Important
Ease of transportation or parking
Length of event
Main Convention Speakers
How likely are you to attend the AIM Convention again?
Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Somewhat Unlikely
Very Unlikely
How likely are you to recommend this convention to a friend or church member?
Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Somewhat Unlikely
Very Unlikely
Which of our sub-conventions did you participate in? Select all that apply.
Music and Youth (MY)
Mission and Evangelism (ME)
Sunday School
Scholastic Motivation Ministries
I am unaware of these events.

How interested are you in the following events?
Very Uninterested Somewhat Uninterested Neutral Somewhat Interested Very Interested
Children's Ministry
Drill Team Competition
Late Night Services ( after 10 p.m.)
Late Night Musicals ( after 10 p.m.)
Youth Church
Do you have any suggestions for improving next year's AIM Conventnion?