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Digestive Health SmartBrief Reader Survey
1. What are your three favorite digestive heath products or brands?
2. What foods do you miss most/wish had more authentic substitutes?
Bread products
Baked goods
Spicy foods
Dairy products

3. What new digestive health products and services would you like to learn more about?
Vacation packages: travel, spas, cruises, etc...
Food products/recipes/substitutes
Over-the-counter medications
Prescription medications
Testing kits
Medical procedures

4. Has the economy affected your spending on digestive health products and services?
I am spending less
I am spending more
It hasn't had an effect
5. How likely are you to test a new digestive health product?
Probably not
6. When evaluating new products and services in the digestive health industry, where do you get your information? (Select your top THREE sources)
Web sites
Online search engines
E-mail newsletters (including Digestive Health SmartBrief)
Printed magazines
Your Doctor

7. What kind of stories are you most interested in?
New treatment and drugs
General disease information
Nutrition studies, trends and tips
Individual patient stories

8. Compared with other digestive health news publications you read, how does Digestive Health SmartBrief rank?
It is my first choice for aggregated industry news
Very favorably
9. Which of the following areas would you like to see more coverage of?
Healthy living, including nutrition, food and fitness news
Health policy stories
Clinical trials

10. Which of the following do you value most as news sources in Digestive Health SmartBrief?
Media news sources
Blogs and discussion boards
Medical organizations
All of the above
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