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Death Survey
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1. I am afraid of how I am going to die.
2. Being place for what I have done in this life time scares me.
3. I have a fear of not knowing what is after death.
4. I am afraid if this is the only time of existance I will ever have.
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5. I have accepted death and it shouldn't be feared since it's the way of life.
6. Life wouldn't give me something that I couldn't endure, so I don't fear what comes in the future.
7. I am grateful for this life I have been given, since I know that life is short.
8. I can not fear something that I don't know about.
9. I shouldn't fear afterlife anymore than I fear life.
10. I am not afraid of death, since death can not harm me.
Afterlife: Cons
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11. To many people believe in the afterlife because they want it to be real, for this reason I feel as if there is not an afterlife.
12. I believe we would have been contacted by the afterlife by now if there was one.
13. If the body doesn't exist, then a soul shouldn't exist either, so I believe that there isn’t an afterlife for those reasons.
14. Consciousness can only exist if the brain tissue is still functioning so I don't believe that there is an afterlife for that reason.
Afterlife: Pros
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15. A soul of a person can never be destroy, thus I believe there is an after life.
16. Dying is another form of transformation into the afterlife from what I understand.
17. I believe people truely experience reincarnation therefore, I belive there is an afterlife.
18. I feel that contacting the dead is possible, proving that there is an afterlife.
19. Near death experience has happen to someone I know, which gives me the proof that there is an afterlife.
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