Welcome to your opportunity to provide formal feedback  (1 of 2)
Kia Ora
Students' responses to their learner environment are crucial to the ongoing improvements that NMIT can offer to ensure all students are given the best possible care during their course of study and leave satisfied that they have been listened to and were responded to.

With anonymity preserved, Student Surveys are a formal way a student's voice can affect change by reaching those who are able to act immediately, constructively and from quality evidence on record.
All survey responses are held confidentially at NMIT and are promptly directed to support areas where any actions around areas of improvement can take place and inform students. Students' anonymity is considered important for the ability to recieve honest and constructive criticism; recording quality evidence which is highly regarded in NMIT's decision making.
Survey Form Access Passwords
Surveys are password protected for maintaining integrity in the data being collected. When surveys are scheduled and being performed off campus or on an individual basis, access passwords will be provided by your Programme Area's administration. Students performing a scheduled in-class survey will be provided access passwords by the student survey/ programme area representative present on the day.
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