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Are you aware of 3D printing technology?
No - not interested
No - but sounds intriguing & would love to find out more
Yes - but it is an over hyped pointless technology that will never take off
Yes - but I can't see myself ever using it
Yes - I would love to see some work examples and get the opportunity to use a 3D printer
Yes - I've used a 3D printer for personal use but never again
Yes - I've used a 3D printer for personal use and will do so again
Yes - I've used a 3D printer for professional use
How interested would you be in a new 3D Printing service/community based in East London?
Very interested
Very uninterested
How important are the following features when considering a 3D print service?
Least Important Most Important
High quality end product
Help/support in printing your design
Product design service/consultancy
Down-to-earth access to new technology
Variety of materials on offer
Low Prices
Design inspiration
Access to 3D parts libraries
Pre-printed products
Which purchase method would you prefer for this kind of service?
In-person/in specialised store
Would the following attributes make you more or less interested in a high street 3D printing shop?
Much Less Interested Somewhat Less Interested Neutral Somewhat More Interested Much More Interested
Face to face help and support
Pre-printed products for sale
Group workshops/special events
'Make do and Mend' community initiative
Higher prices than an online service
Instant quotes
Product ideas and inspiration guides
Opportunity to touch/feel material selection
Area to wait/relax and have a coffee whilst you product is printed off
Design exhibitions - showcasing cutting edge design using 3d print technology
Opportunity to exhibit your own designs
Are there additional services that you would want to see in a high street 3D printing shop?
Would you ever spend £50 or over printing something for the following...
(please select as many as you want)
Personal design project
Student design project
Spare part to fix existing product
Printing custom toys/games
To have individual jewellery/fashion accessory's
To modify existing products
To print a cheaper alternative than an existing product
Personal art project
Student art project
Replicate ancient art
N/A I can't envisage ever requiring 3D printing services for personal reasons

If you could print anything what would you print?
If you have ever used a 3D printing service before please tell me what you printed.
Thank you for your time. Please tell me a little about yourself - what is your profession?
Product designer
Fashion designer
3D Designer
Tradesman/Machine Operator/Labourer
General office worker
Customer service
Shop assistant/manager
Human Resources
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