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Did we provide you, our customer, with “THE RIGHT STUFF”,..., The right management, delivering the right product/services, for the right price, at the right time, using the right people, tools, and processes, and with the right responsiveness and value? Please rate Obera in the following six (6) Key Performance Areas:
Exceptional Very Good Satisfactory Marginal Unsatisfactory Terminal N/A
* MANAGEMENT = The management of procurement, logistics, professional services, system integration, training that meet customer requirements.
* PRODUCTS/SERVICES = Acquiring, delivering, installing product, equipment, materials and supplies, including construction services, hardware, that meet customer requirements.
* PRICE = Completing the required tasks and deliverables for the agreed price.
* SCHEDULE = Meeting the agreed, organized plan to deliver the required items at a specified time and date.
* TECHNIQUE = Providing the applicable, practical, capabilities and methods needed to perform the required functions.
* VALUE = Developing a responsive relationship that is beneficial and creates value for the customer.
THANK YOU - Your feedback is greatly appreciated. It will be used to improve Obera's management systems and processes to your benefit.