Pickleball Paddles Buying Guide
It's not every day that a new sport acquires real popularity. Yet the pickleball, both easy to learn and very fun, has managed to make a breakthrough in the world of sport. But what is pickleball? We will explain here the basics of this emerging sport.
A hybrid sport easy to learn
Imagine first a cross between tennis and ping-pong. With familiar equipment and movements, any athlete can learn pickleball quite easily. It is a sport that will require great agility and eye-hand coordination to excel at a higher level.
What you will need
Gather some friends, pickleball requiring a minimum of two players to play singles, and four to play doubles. Pickleball Paddles buying website you can get the best paddles. The rules differ slightly between single and double, but we will discuss these differences later. For the moment, we are going to concentrate on the double pickleball. 
You will then need a pickleball field. The pickleball field is the same as the doubles badminton field. We thus find:
The CAZ is limited (on each side of the course) by the net and a line is 7 feet (2.13 m) from the net. After the ZAC, each side is divided into two service areas (one for each partner for the duplicate game). 
The pickleball ball is an empty, perforated plastic ball. The racket is full, and made of wood or composite materials (its is between ping-pong racket and tennis racket). You will find these items in many La Source du Sport stores.
Start of match
The game begins with a service below, that is, with a movement from bottom to top so that contact with the ball is made below the waist level. The player must have both feet behind the end line when serving, and send the ball into the opposing service area diagonally. The double-hop rule applies. This means that the ball must bounce once on each side (after service and return of service) before any player can hit a volley. After the first two hops, the players are allowed to hit the ball before it hits the ground (the volley), and the exchange will continue until a foul occurs.
Rules and pointing
During the game, several rules must be respected. One of them prohibits players from hitting a ball on the fly in the controlled area. However, players can be in this area to hit a ball that has already jumped.
Regarding the counting of points, the most important thing to remember is that only the team in the service can score points. If the serving team commits a foul (for example, if it has not been able to return the ball within the opponent's field of play), the opposing team does not score a point but gets the chance to serve. In doubles, before losing control of the service, both team Pickleball Paddles Reviews members must have had the opportunity to serve. If a team scores a point, the same player continues to serve. If the serving team makes a mistake, it is the turn of the second member to serve. After a second fault, the other team takes control of the service. However, being the first team to serve has a certain advantage, only one player on the team is allowed to serve for the first exchange. After this exchange, the game follows the normal rules of service.
Generally, the first team to score 11 points wins the game. However, there must be at least 2 points difference between the two teams. So in the event of a 10-point tie, the first team to get a 2-point lead will win the game.
Differences between double and single
In doubles, when serving, the server announces 3 numbers: the score of the team serving, the score of the opponent team, then 1 or 2 depending on whether the server is the first or the second to serve in his team . In simple, the server does not need to specify the third number. Another small detail in simple: when the score of the server is even (0, 2, 4, 6 ...), it will serve automatically from the right side of the court, and from the left side when its pointing is odd (1, 3, 5 ...). 
That's it, you should now be able to have fun pickleball with your friends! To find all the equipment you will need to practice pickleball, visit our website or go directly to a La Source du Sport store!
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