Youth Awards 2021-2022

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Dear 2021-22 Youth Service Award Registrant, 
Thank you for your interest in our Youth Volunteer Service Awards. Please read the following document before applying.

Before starting your application,
  1. Please gather information on all volunteer service hours i.e. name of agency/agencies, hours completed, name of supervisor
  2. Application fee payment receipt (Pay here)

Other Important things to keep in mind:
  • Based on the email address you provide in the application form to receive notifications, you will receive a thank you notification after completing the form. This notification will have the link to the supervisors evaluation form, please send it to each of your supervisors so they can complete and submit in a timely manner.
  • Please be patient with us as we receive and process all application and evaluation forms. We will email you ONLY if we are missing any information or evaluation form.
  • Please DO NOT email us to ask if we have received your application, the thank you notification to your preferred email is an acknowledgement that we have received your application.
  • Once processing is compete for all students, we will email you with information on award ceremony and/or pick up.

REMINDER...The President's Award is ONLY offered in connection with either the Commissioners' Award or the Mayor's Award.
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Award Information
We are ONLY providing the President’s Award as an additional incentive to the Commissioner’s and Mayor’s Awards. You cannot apply for the President’s Award separately. Select the award you are applying for? 
Application fee $45/student
Application fee $45/student
Application fee $45/student
Application fee $45/student
Application fee $75/student
Application fee $75/student
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