The ALofT Project
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Welcome to 'The ALofT Project' application page! In line with its passion to develop the continent and young African minds, In On Africa (IOA) has created The 'African Leaders of Tomorrow' (ALofT) Project. The ALofT Project is a competitive, online youth development programme designed to cultivate future thought-leaders by empowering African youths with a wide range of relevant knowledge, experience and skills. The ALofT Project aims to accelerate and enhance the development of exceptional young Africans who display the potential to spearhead Africa's business, economic, political and social development. Presented through an e-learning platform, the six-month programme provides full-time students from across Africa the opportunity to develop as the continent's future thought-leaders. Successful applicants will be among only 10 students selected to join the programme. 

Find out more about The ALofT Project by visiting the following link:

Applicants must: - Be African citizens - Be proficient in written and spoken English - Possess good writing and research skills and analytical abilities - Be enrolled in a post-graduate degree at an African-based college or university - Have regular and reliable internet access - Be able to commit a minimum of 15 hours per week to the programme Apply to The ALofT Project by clicking on the "Next" button below...