Richard Gray Recreation Complex Park Master Plan Survey
Questions marked with a * are required
1. Are you a resident?  
2. Do you own or rent your home?
3. How many people are living in your household?
4. How many children 18 and under live in the household?
5. What is your gender? 
6. Please select the option that best represents your combined annual household income. 
7. What is your age range? 
8. How do you identify your ethnicity?
9. Where do you live in proximity to the Richard Gray Rec. Complex?
10. How do you get to Richard Gray Rec. Complex?
11. Do the existing Recreation and Park facilities at Richard Gray Rec. Complex meet your needs?  
12. How often have you or a member of your family visited the Richard Gray Rec. Complex in the last year?
13. Why do you visit the Richard Gray Rec. Complex?
14. What is your favorite amenity and activity in the Richard Gray Rec. Complex, currently?
15. What amenities would you like to see added or improved upon? Please indicate the priority level by choosing the number of stars the scale 1= Low Priority,  5= High Importance 
Walking Trails
Splash Pad
Outdoor fishing area
Outdoor Fitness equipment
Frisbee Golf
Basketball Courts
Pickleball Courts
Tennis Courts
Soccer Fields
Dog Park
Open Multi Use Lawn
Picnic Areas/Shelters
Playground Equipment
ADA Inclusive Play Area
Volleyball/Beach Volleyball
16. What from the following list is most important to you or your family at the Richard Gray Rec. Complex?
17. What programs or events have you or your family members participated in during the last 12 months at the Richard Gray Rec. Complex?