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Medical Services Survey
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Department of Labor (DOL) Inspector General's Office will be auditing Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) to "determine if OWCP’s processes and controls ensured that Energy claimants received the medical services claimants are qualified to receive under the program. We will also determine if OWCP’s management of the Energy Program provided effective stewardship of the medical services provided to the claimants."

EECAP/ANWAG would like to assist with this audit by collecting information on how the medical benefits part of EEOICPA is working for people.  If you receive medical benefits would you please complete this survey, especially if you have experienced problems using the white card.  We respect your privacy and will not collect any identifying information.  The answers given will only be used to point out problems with how DEEOIC is being administered.

Thank you.