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Unlike other firms J. M. Weston is not issued regular seasonal collection. From year to year to make the same model with a few changes, but to keep the exclusivity, in small batches. Only about 60 of these models, all with up to seven options polurazmera completeness for each, so you can choose any pair of legs. Since the firm is working with regular clients, their "foot file" stored in the computer, pads, which make shoes have individual rooms, and a pair, made to order, be sure the name is decorated with the owner (of course, on the inside).

Conservatism lineup in the firm explains succinctly: "Our customers do not like flashy things." French aristocrats in general are very sensitive to the issues of good taste and flavor. For example, aerobatics is a mercedes, made-to-order. But while the car should not be listed on the membership of the brand - no inscription and signature circular icons. And shoes. Regarded as a chic, it should be possible to form modest.

If your social status is that you are invited to horseback riding, hunting, or to prestigious golf clubs, there certainly will not do without the customized output j. m. weston

However, in recent guidance j. m. weston felt that the company becomes a hostage of his own conception. If you make an eternal and conservative shoes, then how to attract new customers? therefore complement traditional collection line in the style of "street chic", which was invited to a new designer. So in the range of j. m. weston shoes came with outstretched toes deep cherry color and a few models that are designed for those who may be called a dandy.

It is better to go through life barefoot or in stocking feet, citing religious reasons or stolen baggage, than to lose prestige because of cheap shoes, says author of the popular guide to the classic fashion for men Bernhard Rettsel. On what should be a real good shoes for men, you can see the example of a shoe company J. M. Weston.

"It is wise to invest spare cash in a really good pair of shoes - suggests another guide for gentlemen. - Very often a man, clad in decent shoes, forgiven much." These truths are well known to Mr. Edward Blanchard, who in 1891 opened in Limoges (France) craft shoe manufacture high class.

His son Christopher Blanchard recognition in the domestic market not good enough, and he went to America to gain experience and knowledge of the shoe business. "Shoe countries" among connoisseurs of classic shoe considered Britain, America and Italy. American artist in the early twentieth century, the British were able to combine tradition and his own work in the technology of Goodyear. A trip to the U.S. city of Weston (Weston) in Massachusetts gave Christopher Blanchard not only valuable experience, but also the brand name - J. M. Weston. The letter J. M. in French tune with the words "I love" (j'aime), so the name can be translated as "I love Weston." So today many customers may exclaim this old brand in the world. Learn more about pink shoes.