phone tracking

I wanted to find a parenting control software with an easy to use control panel and easy instalation and also keep the children safe when surfing the internet I also wanted a program that worked in stealth mode and could be used on remote computers. To be able to get the full use of a program i had to have an option to monitor the most common sites that children uses and also windows activity.
I found this award winning product for parental internet controls called Phonty. It allows me to monitor everything from it's website  phone tracking software with an easy setup. It let’s me monitor keystrokes, emails, websites visited, what programs are used, logging of chats and so much more. I also have the option to screenshot record activity on the computer. Some other great features is the option to block certain sites and programs from the user for better parental control of internet. It also have the option to send log reports and behaviour alerts right to your email. Some of the best parts is that it runs in total stealth mode.
As it is so easy to use i found it to be the most complete program for protecting children on the internet and because of that it makes my life easier as i don’t have to watch what they are doing every time they are online.
Another use of the program is to monitor your husband or wife to find out if they are cheating on you online. But thats an area i would be extremly carefull to move into.
For a free trial of the award winning product click here. If you want more software for parental control there is a great product you can get for monitoring your childrens cell phones. You have the option to monitor sms traffic, do location tracking and call history. It has remote controls and can be run in stealth mode. More safety with control software.
As the children are getting younger and younger when starting to surf and use the internet, the more the parents have to watch what they are doing.
A good way is the type of parenting control software you can get. They are easy to install and easy to use and they give you control and information about what your child is doing online. But when using the software there is also a few things to keep in mind.
Even if you have the software it won’t hurt to have a talk with the child about internet and social sites that they use. Make them aware that they should not trust other people they meet blindly. Even if a person they chat with seems to be verry nice and might even offer to buy stuff for them they might not be that nice. Make sure that if they get offered stuff for either meet up or show things they should notify a parent about it so it is possible to check up. Also make sure that they understand that even if the other person describes themself as so and so it might not be right. Make them understand that a picture is not any proof that the person is who he/she says he/she is.
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