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We are interested to discover what aesthetic values guide our choices in photography. It is quite obvious that there is considerable discussion after our competitions and dissent from the choices of the judges. Sometimes this is merely the frustration of not achieving the scores that we feel reflects the merit of our own works. Some of it could be a schism between the values of the members and the judges. Whatever the case, it would be nice to understand what aspects of our photos we rate most highly.
* What is your own aesthetic criterion for imaging?
* Please rank (1-11) the following aesthetic criteria in order of preference:
People in the image – giving a sense of how an image relates to us
Narrative – The picture tells a story
Subject of interest – something you don’t see everyday – (or the familiar shown in an unusual way)
Dynamic - movement is captured or suggested by the photograph
My own criterion
Textures pleasing – surface that you can almost feel
Depth – looks 3 dimensional / perspective / recession
Patterns - strong lines or curves – symmetry - reflections
Focus – sharpness of the image / depth of field / bokeh
Atmosphere – unusual weather or time of day clearly evident / moody
Exposure and colour – good range of tones and/or evocative hues
Rank values must be from 1 to 11
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