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Dear Client,

Back in January 2008, BCAR requested client feedback on our organization, our staff, and the programs and services we offer. We would like to follow-up on that survey to see how you think we are doing now. We will be measuring your responses to see how well we’ve done to maintain or improve the job we do to serve you.

Part of our job is to advocate for you with our funders and our community. We really need to know where you think there are gaps in services, or how we could better support you. Your honest answers to these questions will help us focus our efforts on the issues you believe are important to you and your well being.

Thank you for participating in this important project.

BCAR Staff
Please rank your overall general satisfaction with the following by selecting the answer closet to your opinion.
Unsatisfactory Not so good Good Very Good Excellent
Our organization - BCAR
Our physical location
Our hours of service (Mon-Thurs, 9-5)
Our programs
Our paid staff
Our volunteers
Please let us know how you think we could improve any of these areas.
Please rank your satisfaction with the following forms of communication we use to inform you and the public.
Unsatisfactory Not so good Good Very good Excellent
Personal mail messages
Please let us know how you think we could improve communications.
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