Exit Survey
Thank you for participating in the planning process for the future of Davidson Town Hall! These survey results will be used to help understand the opinions and needs of our residents. Your responses will be compiled in addition to input received at various public meetings to inform decisions on the future of Town Hall and the surrounding area.

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Please feel free to leave blank any questions you choose not to answer. 
What makes Davidson great? (Select up to 5)
Plazas and small public gathering places
Green open space
Greenways and trails
Downtown shops and restaurants
Main Street
Outdoor dining
Architecture and buildings
Public art
The town green/larger public gathering places
Trees, flowers and vegetation
Small town feel
The Farmer's Market

I believe that Town Hall should... (Choose one)
Fit in with the other Main Street buildings in terms of height and architectural style.
Be more prominent and architecturally different than other buildings on Main Street.
When most people think of civic buildings in Davidson, they often think of Davidson College, the Post Office, and the Library. The common element between these buildings is some variation of a neoclassical pediment and columns. Do you think that the new Town Hall should include a similar design or adapt a new style? Which of the following do you agree with the most? (Select one)
Neoclassical pediments and columns are part of Davidson’s civic heritage and should be used on the Town Hall.
Columns aren’t necessary but it is important to stay within a traditional palette that is reflective of previous eras.
As a building for the next 100 years, we should consider a design that is more contemporary and forward thinking but with ties to Davidson’s heritage.
Please tell us which site plan you prefer.
Option 1: The existing building is renovated and expanded (over time) to be exclusively for police and fire and a new multi-story town hall is built in front of the existing building but set back from Main Street.
Option 2: A new multi-story town hall is constructed along Main Street and the existing building is peeled back to function solely as a fire station. As necessary, a new modern police station can be constructed adjacent to the existing building and a formal courtyard space is created that would double the size of the Farmer’s Market.
Option 3: A new multi-story town hall is constructed at the corner of Jackson and Main and the existing town hall is renovated for use exclusively for police and fire. The Main Street parking loop is replaced with a plaza space that is used for parking during the week and special events on evenings and weekends.
Please tell us what you liked about the option you chose. (Type in the box)
In designing the spaces around Town Hall, which of the following should be considered? (Select up to 5)
Shared street
Biergarten/outdoor dining
Pocket park
Movable seating
Flower beds
Urban stream
Sculptural element
Embedded art
Local art

Davidson’s Town Hall has always been well used for a wide array of community meetings and activities. It also serves as an informal art gallery. As we think about what a new building could accommodate, what would you consider to be the most important interior spaces in a new building? (No stars indicates not important, five stars indicates highest importance.)

Art Gallery to showcase curated local, regional and international works
Community activity rooms (large) (flexible seating, moveable tables, low maintenance flooring)
Conference rooms (formal) for 10-20 people (fixed conference table and built-in technology)
Lobby (formal) to welcome visitors and host events
Kitchen facilities for large events and catering
Meeting rooms (informal) for less than 20 people (flexible seating and tables)
Performance theater and related support spaces
Training facilities (dedicated classroom spaces with tables, chairs, and high technology)
Town Board Chamber (dedicated for public meetings with (fixed permanent seating, formal dais, built-in technology)
Have you been in another Town Hall, City Hall, or Government Building that you thought was a good model for Davidson (architecturally or functionally)? If, so let us know the building and what made it special. (Type in the box)