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* What are you willing to do to change your current Relationship Status?
Get out more
I'm not ready to be in a relationship
Be more approachable
* What do you bring to the table?
I'm independent
I'm financially stable
I have my good looks to rely on
* Are you afraid to be alone?
I'm very comfortable in my own skin
* Do you spend time with God – seeking clarity?
When I have time
It's very important to me
* Do You have deal breakers?
A ton
I just go with the flow
Depends on the person
* Would you settle, if you thought you had to compromise your character?
Absolutely NOT!
Everyone has to compromise
* Are you willing to lower your standards?
Probably, because I'm tired of being alone
Every relationship is give and take
* Have You Forgiven Yourself?
I'm continuing to work on it
* Have you forgiven past hurts?
I'm a work in progress
Not quite ready to forgive
* Are Your Expectations Realistic?
I believe so
Why should I have to compromise?
I'm re-evaluating