Exit Survey
Hello, and welcome to the ‘End User Computing - State of the Union’ survey 2020 powered by VDI Like a Pro.
Our independent research organization started the ‘state of the EUC union’ survey in 2013. The goal of the survey is to get a clear view on how EUC technologies are used in the field, how EUC adoption is changing and what to expect in the future.

Last year close to 750 respondents participated in the survey, making this initiative the largest community powered research in the EUC market.
Topics in the survey will cover many EUC technologies including VDI, DaaS, on-premises and public clouds, security, management solutions, devices, storage, hypervisors, GPU’s, single- and multi-user operating systems.  Also, a couple of questions about key initiatives for 2021 are in the survey so overall great insights for sure!

VDI Like a Pro (www.vdilikeapro.com) is an initiative by Ruben Spruijt, Senior Technologist at Nutanix, Mark Plettenberg, Senior Product manager at Login VSI and Christiaan Brinkhoff Global Black Belt at Microsoft. They are passioned about End User Computing; connecting, collecting and sharing insights with everybody interested.

The results of the survey will be reported in a whitepaper that will be free for all (after registration) at www.vdilikeapro.com and content will be presented at local community groups and leading industry events such as Microsoft Ignite, VMworld, Citrix Synergy, Nutanix .NEXT, NVIDIA GTC, E2EVC and more. Where applicable we've listed Cloud vendors/platforms are listed in alphabetical order.

If you want access to content to be used in your own session or blog no problem, just connect with us in advance.
This yearly research is a global initiative for and by the entire EUC community and for this reason we ask the help of all that share the same passion to

1. Fill out the questionnaire. Please reserve 15 minutes of your time and contribute to this initiative. Data will be collected, processed and presented anonymously.

2. To distribute this message using your own networks so as many other people are invited to contribute.

The first phase of the survey will be closed on the 11th of April this year. 3 participants will be randomly selected and will win a giftbox with Dutch surprises and some nice goodies.

For more information please contact us at team@vdilikeapro.com
Thanks for your effort! Mark, Christiaan and Ruben