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Sargento Panel of Real Cheese Champions (SPARCC) is an invitation only online community operated and managed by KL Communications, Inc. (KLC) for the benefit of Sargento Foods Inc. (Sargento). Sargento is a client of KLC and has engaged KLC to provide SPARCC and other related services. As a key part of its engagement with Sargento, KLC has agreed to maintain in confidence your personal information that you share in connection with SPARCC. To that end, KLC is committed to protecting your privacy. The SPARCC Privacy Policy outlined below applies to the, message board, surveys and all other community activities. Although your participation in Sargento Panel of Real Cheese Champions will be governed by the following privacy terms and the SPARCC Terms and Conditions, should you wish to view Sargento’s privacy policy to understand how Sargento generally protects the confidentiality of information that is personal in nature, please click on the link above.

Company Background and Philosophy

KLC is a US-based market research firm specializing in online research techniques. As such, we build and maintain custom online communities. Privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is our priority.

SPARCC activities are conducted for market research purposes only. All of our research activities report information in aggregate form (i.e., information about groups, not individuals). Individual information is never reviewed or published, as it is irrelevant to the research conducted by Sargento. All individual information provided is held strictly confidential.

Information Collected During the Registration Process

When you join SPARCC, we ask you to complete a brief registration survey that gathers some personal information. The reason we ask for your name and e-mail address is to send you relevant community information, such as SPARCC updates and invitations to research activities associated with SPARCC. The additional personal information we gather during the registration survey (travel habits, age, gender, etc.) is to assist us in providing you with opportunities that are relevant to you and to better understand the SPARCC as a whole.

Information Collected During Follow-up Activities

As part of the community process, we will conduct a variety of research activities, including forum discussions, online surveys and focus groups. We often ask members for specific demographic information (e.g., income level), and other information related to interests, travel habits, etc. Similar to the data we gather during the initial registration survey, we collect this information so that we can present members with research activities that correspond with their interests, and aggregate the responses received by various broad categories to report the aggregated results to Sargento. We also summarize information about the community to develop statistics ensuring that the community is representative of the overall population. Finally, in connection with SPARCC, we use this information to pre-qualify community members for future market research studies that target certain demographics (male vs. female, age, etc.).

Information Provided by Third-Party Services

Some third-party services that we use may provide us with other usage-related data, such as the device and browser you use, and other engagement data. For example, our email service provider allows us to see whether you’ve opened our emails or clicked on any links in those emails. This information helps us to better tailor our content and services to your needs.

We may also use third-party cookies for analytics, and other business purposes in connection with SPARCC. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your hard drive through your browser.

Cookies help us improve our services and enhance your experience with them. We do not use this information in a personally identifiable way or match it to any individual user. Cookie data is used in aggregate form with the sole purpose of improving our communications and services.

You can set your browser to prompt you if cookies are used. You can also set your browser to restrict or not accept cookies.

Usage of Cookies in connection with SPARCC

Our site uses cookies on the homepage and survey forms for technical purposes only. We do not store or retain your cookie information in any way. For example, a cookie could be used to help the site recall your specific information and/or preferences on subsequent visits. Then, when you access the site in the future, the information previously provided can be retrieved, so you can easily use the SPARCC features you customized on your previous visit. You always have the option to disable cookies while registering or completing a survey without affecting your participation.

Information that you provide when you contact SPARCC.

When you use our services, you may contact us for support or some other reason. Our support system and email provider collect usage-related information, such as the device and browser you use as well as other engagement data. We use this information solely for the purpose of communicating with you to address your questions or needs.

We may also store these communications so that we can provide you with better service in the future and so that we can continue to improve SPARCC.

Safety and Security

Information we collect through SPARCC is encrypted and transmitted securely via https, which you can verify by looking for the lock icon in your browser’s address bar.

We employ industry-standard technology and processes to protect the information our community members release to us. SPARCC, our technology supporting the online community, and the online community’s data are hosted in some of the most well-known and respected data centers in the world, with infrastructure that is physically secured and protected. Our servers are secured with firewalls, and access is restricted solely to KLC’s employees and contractors who are responsible for developing and maintaining SPARCC. Additionally, only select, authorized KLC employees have access to process the data collected and maintain the database that stores member contact information. All questions are screened by KLC staff prior to being deployed to ensure they are proper and appropriate for their intended audiences.
Please note that if you post information in a public place, such as in our community forums, this information may be shared or reproduced by others.

Other Considerations

This privacy policy only applies to information collected by KLC. KLC has no control over how other platforms collect or use the information that you provide to them. KLC does not have any control over data that you send via email through our services. Be aware that email is not a secure data transmission method and should not be used as such.

To the extent this community site links to other websites, KLC does not control or operate any such linked websites nor does KLC, or Sargento, accept any responsibility or liability for such linked websites and/or the content or services of any such websites. Any such links to third-party websites do not imply an endorsement or representation of KLC’s, or Sargento’s, affiliation with the linked sites. Other websites may place their own cookies or files on your computer, collect personally identifiable information from you or use your data differently than we do. This policy applies only to KLC’s website and does not apply to third party websites. Refer to the privacy policies of the other websites you visit for more information.

Control & Ownership

You own and control your personal information that you provide in connection with your participation in SPARCC, including, but not limited to, your contact information, personal biography, and other related details. You can modify this information in your account at any time. You may also delete any optionally provided information from your account, or delete your entire account at any time.

KLC retains personal information for as long as there is an ongoing legitimate business or legal need to do so. You may request that it be deleted it by contacting the community host at [email protected]. If there is no legitimate business or legal need to maintain your personal information, it will be deleted upon your request. Information that is retained in archives will be deleted at the next scheduled deletion date.

Member Services & Incentives

SPARCC website,, provides you with an "Update Profile" area of our website, where you may correct or update your account information, or "opt-out" (i.e., remove yourself) from SPARCC. Instructions on how to “opt-out” and unsubscribe are also available at the bottom of each email invitation sent to SPARCC members and detailed below, in the section entitled “Opting-out (Leaving the Community).

Affiliation with Online Privacy Organizations


KLC adheres to the Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO) Code of Ethics. Over and above normal standards of research, our professional activities shall be conducted with particular respect for the individual's right to privacy, both in terms of confidentiality of information collected during the marketing research process and the right to be free from unsolicited and unwanted contact (e.g., Spam). To learn more about IMRO, please visit


We are committed to protecting your child's privacy online and our practices are in full compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), as regulated by the FTC. This means that KLC does not conduct research with minors under the age of 13 without a statement of permission from the parents or guardians. To learn more about COPPA, please visit

Opting-out (Leaving the Community)

If at any point you decide that you no longer wish to be a member of SPARCC, you may send an email request with the word "unsubscribe" to [email protected]. Community members can also opt out by filling out a request on the Update Profile section of the website (see the section entitled “Member Services & Incentives”). We will retain your information in our "unsubscribe" database to ensure that we do not contact you in the future.

Contact Information

KLC welcomes any feedback you have regarding this Statement of Privacy. Please feel free to contact KLC by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail.

Sargento Panel of Real Cheese Champions
c/o KLC
130 Maple Avenue, Suite 7B
Red Bank, NJ 07701-1608

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