This function will help you to hide a specific question in a survey when the respondents are answering the survey.


$survey.hideQuestion("Question Code");

Example Script

Based on the answer options selected in the source(Q1) question that particular option follow up question can be hidden.


        /* get which option is selected in Q1 */
        var a = $survey.getSelectedOptionIndex("Q1");
        /* based on option selected in Q1 show questions  */
        if (a == 1) {
        } else if (a == 2) {
        } else if (a == 3) {
        } else if (a == 4) {


Example Survey: Survey Link

Supported Question Types

Hide Question

  • All Question Types

Hide Question Row.

  • Basic Matrix: Multi-Point Scales
  • Basic Matrix: Checkbox/Multi-Select
  • Basic Matrix: Spreadsheet
  • Van Westendorp - Price Sensitivity

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