SurveySwipe Plugin

What is SurveySwipe Plugin?

SurveySwipe Plugin is a static library that can be linked with existing iPhone or iPad applications. This is an instruction document on how to build, publish and integrate with SurveySwipe Plugin.


  • a) SurveySwipe Plugin code is located at apps/swipeplugin folder in the mobile github repository. An example implementation of the plugin is at apps/swipeplugintest folder. See RootViewController::viewDidLoad for how it is used. This document will explain the entire process.
  • b) The plugin is a project that outputs a static library. Standard projects output static libraries for the selected build type (debug, release) and the platform currently selected in the project (device, iPhone simulator v x.x, iPad Simulator etc).
  • In order to get around this problem so that the library will work on emulator as well as the device, SurveySwipe Plugin uses a custom build step to produce the library. To build the SurveySwipe Plugin simply go to: mobile/apps/swipeplugin and run by opening a terminal and typing in ./
    You may need to adjust your SDK settings based on what version of iOS SDK you have built. See and change the version to the one that you have on your machine.
  • c) After the build is complete, you will see that a publish directory is created. Inside of that directory, you will find 3 files:
  • SurveySwipeAPI.h
  • SurveySwipeContainer.h
  • libSurveySwipePlugin.a
A client app that wishes to use the plugin will need all the 3 files.

Integration steps

  • Copy all three files into your project directory.
  • Once you do that reference SurveySwipeAPI.h in your precompiled file as shown below:
  • Survey Software Help Image

  • Drag the libSurveySwipePlugin.a into the navigation area of your project.
  • Survey Software Help Image

  • To use the plugin you simply do the following: SurveySwipeContainer* container = [SurveySwipeContainer createSurveySwipeContainerWithApiKey:@"74320468-1b5e-4231-8ace-50de42fd8cdc" withParameters:Nil]; [self.navigationController pushViewController:container animated:YES];
    SurveySwipeContainer is simply a UIViewController so you can use any of the standard ways of integrating with iOS apps. presentModalViewController, pushViewController etc and even use it within another controller.
  • Replace the API key (in bold) above with the one that is provided to you by the SurveyAnalytics team.

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