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On Demand QuestionPro training

Free, self paced and researcher led trainings on how to use QuestionPro tools to achieve your survey goals.

All our courses also cover best practices, methodologies, industry trends and demos so you're a pro at online research at the end of the training.

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Access self paced courses on concepts ranging from launching surveys, choice modelling and building insights repositories to presenting research findings and analysis with confidence.

Unlock your true potential as a researcher and harness the power of QuestionPro towards unlocking mature insights. Take the next step in your career!

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Become a CX professional

Hosted by an independent group of instructors, the CX-PRO certification is based on the core principles of Customer Experience research that have made the largest companies in the world successful as products and services have become more commoditized.

Customer Experience will define the brand image for years to come and that is more than just a survey, it becomes an additional touchpoint. Learn more on how you can help accelerate your organization’s CX strategy.

Every QuestionPro CX enterprise client can get an employee certified on us to be the difference maker in their company. Contact us for more information.


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Research pro certification

Research Certification Pro

The RCPro is a practical certification offered on the QuestionPro Learning Management System. This course is designed for anyone looking to build their primary online research skillset

Rseearch Certification

QuestionPro Research Certification Expert

The QuestionPro Research Certification Expert (RCExpert) is the second part to the Research Course Series. Students must complete the Research Pro course before registering.


CX-PRO™ Customer Experience (CX) Training and Certification

Dive into a hands-on experiential course that prepares you with the knowledge and skills required of a CX professional. We offer one seat free to each new enterprise account.

ComingSoon Certification

Audience Certification:
Learn all about sampling.

Gain advanced knowledge on how to use sampling correctly to ensure the success and reliability of your research projects. Learn from experts about the various sampling methodologies

Comming Soon Audience Certification

Communities Certification:
How to manage and create your own online panel.

Learn from experts everything related to online communities and how to use them as a research method to obtain organic insights and strengthen the relationship with your audience.

Coming Soon 2

QuestionPro Trainings:
Learn how to use the best survey software

Never stop learning with our extensive library of educational resources. Join live trainings, watch webinars and become a master of online survey software.

J Bertrand

"The Perry Homes team really enjoyed the CX-Pro training! We liked the way it helped the whole team level set in regards to fundamental CX knowledge. We are excited to leverage these new insights with our CX strategy sessions in 2022!."

J Bertrand Sr. Manager - Projects & Analytics | Perry Homes
PerryHomes Testimonial

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