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What is a Poll Software?

QuestionPro Poll Software is the World's leading online poll maker used to obtain quick and real-time feedback from respondents. A poll is a single survey question with no more than 5 to 7 response options. In other words, it is a single multiple choice question with answer options limited to a maximum of 7.

Examples of online polls :

By using a poll software, you’re getting in touch with the customers and by doing so, you send a message informing them how important they are for your business and that their contribution matters.

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QuestionPro Online Poll Software to create insightful polls

With QuestionPro Poll Software, you can create, distribute and analyse automated and real-time online poll questions in minutes with just 3 simple steps:

create new poll using a poll software

distribute polls using poll software

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Poll Software: Over 250+ Free Poll Maker and Online Poll Creator Templates

Choose one of the 250+ online poll maker templates to create your online poll and deploy your online poll in minutes:

Customer experience polls: An organization always wants to tap into the feedback from customers about their products and services. Using this customer poll template, you can get critical insights on customer experience, customer satisfaction, product / service evaluation and a lot more!

Human resources polls: Employees are an integral part of an organization and their mood and morale at work might affect their performance and in turn the performance of the organization. Conduct these polls by using the HR poll templates and by maintaining anonymity amongst the employees, it’s easier for them to communicate the problems and this can be a guiding light for you to make changes in the way you operate.

Market research polls: Launching a new product? Wondering how the new product is performing in the market? Looking to launch a new feature? Conduct a market research poll using this poll template to understand what the market prefers or what is the type of product that’ll work for the organization etc.

Industry-specific polls: In case the customer opinion polls do not suffice your purpose, you can send out industry specific polls to receive quality feedback. You can use the industry-poll template and select the industry you belong to send out highly filtered polls to your database.

Seminar and event evaluation polls: Academics require well-thought polls to be effective. Use the academic poll template to include complex poll questions and get effective feedback for your event/seminar.

Key Features of Poll Software

Ideas on how to use a poll software

There are multiple ways to implement the QuestionPro poll software.

Advantages of QuestionPro Online Poll Software

There are multiple ways to implement the QuestionPro poll software.

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