Survey panel integration


What is survey panel integration in surveys?

You can collect data from your target audience either with an in-house panel or hire a third-party who have access to the right set of respondents. The later is called panel integration with surveys.

A survey panel is a group of people who want to share their feedback, opinion and experiences willingly.

You can build your panel when you have access to your customers, employees, community members, students and more. However if you don’t, you can purchase a sample and integrate with your surveys.

All you need to do is create a survey with all the questions and have criteria ready for the participants who need to answer them. QuestionPro offers wide range of panels based on your budget, demographic and research needs.

Example of survey panel integration in a survey

Imagine a company that sells consumer products. They have their database of customers, and they handle their own marketing and promotional activities. They want to develop and test a new product, gather insights from the existing customers as well aspotential customers. They can procure a list of people that fits their buyer persona from a vendor. Enterprises can integrate this acquired data into the tool and conduct their surveys. This also works well for companies that are either just starting out or do not have customer data yet. They can source the database from suppliers and conduct online surveys with QuestionPro.

Online Survey panel integration

Uses of survey panel integration in surveys

Surveying a large number of people is important for organizations for the best possible representation of the population. When it comes to market research surveys, the higher the data, the better the insights. It is especially useful when organizations do not have a large dataset to conduct online surveys. Using external panels or survey respondents is a great way to reach as many people as you can.

Advantages of creating surveys with survey panel integration

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