Share findings across your organization

InsightsHub is a dedicated and searchable repository of ALL your insights data, research methods, and project lifecycles. No more siloed research or under-utilized insights. And no more knowledge disappearing when team members leave. It's like a CRM for insights!

• Searchable project database
• Unlimited viewer access
• Easy-to-use interface

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Get projects done quicker

Create a project, then link a survey (or other tool) to that project. When research is complete, store key findings and nuggets inside each project – easy to find later on and link with other projects.

• Update project status
• Monitor activity team-wide
• Customize project workflows

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Uncover hidden insights

Smart-tagging, deep search, and knowledge graphing make it possible to generate insights from across your entire database. Connect projects together to discover meta-themes and cross-project trends that take your research to the next level.

• Visualize cross-project relationships
• Deep-search notes and files
• Meta-tags for enhanced graphing

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A second-brain for your insights team.

InsightsHub is the system-of-record for everything insights. It's the most powerful tool for sharing, showcasing, and analyzing ALL your insights data.

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Feature-rich and customized for your team

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Powerful integrations

Integrate with your current research ecosystem and technology stack to make organizing your insights a breeze!

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Multilingual capabilities

Supporting 50+ languages, including double byte character-sets such as Chinese and Japanese, and Right-To-Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

security compliance

Security & Compliance

Our research platform is compliant with federal and local regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, Section 508, etc. for worry-free research.

democratized insights

Democratized insights

With accessible information and a single source of truth, your organization can access and understand the data with no barriers to the decision-making process and uncover new opportunities for your organization.

unified research management platform

Unified repository

View and manage projects with a consolidated platform to organize, explore, search and discover all your research data in one organized repository.

real time dashboard

Real-time dashboard

Uncover insights with analytics and statistics that matter. Create reporting dashboards that are easy to read and distribute to stakeholders that can make the most impact.