Democratized Insights

InsightsHub has the tools you need to share & apply insights across your organization.

It's a dedicated and searchable repository of insights data, research methods, and everything your insights team does. No more siloed research or under-utilized insights. And no more knowledge disappearing when team members leave. Think of it like a CRM for insights!

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Optimized workflows

Researchers can kick-off projects without leaving InsightsHub.

Define a project, then create or link a survey (or other tool) to that project. When research is complete, store key findings and nuggets inside each project – easy to find later on and link with other projects.When research is complete, store key findings and nuggets inside each project – easy to find later on and link with other projects.

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Dive deeper into data

InsightsHub’s smart-tagging, deep search, and knowledge graphing make it possible to uncover insights you never knew you had. Connect projects together to discover meta-themes and cross-project trends that take your research to the next level.

InsightsHub users have full transparency into project files and timelines, all in one place. This makes it easy for researchers to search and scan project details, assign key themes and nuggets, and quickly reference knowledge across projects.

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Super-charge your insights team with InsightsHub!

Turn insights into knowledge in one organized repository.

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Feature-rich and customized for your team

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Powerful integrations

Integrate with your current ecosystem and technology stack and make insights collection, a breeze!

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Multilingual capabilities

Supporting 50+ languages, including double byte character-sets such as Chinese and Japanese, and Right-To-Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

security compliance

Security & Compliance

Our research platform is compliant with federal and local regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, FEDRAMP, Section 508, etc. for worry-free research.

democratized insights

Democratized insights

With accessible information and a single source of truth, your organization can access and understand the data with no barriers to the decision-making process and uncover new opportunities for your organization.

unified research management platform

Unified research management platform

View and manage projects with a consolidated platform to organize, explore, search and discover all your research data in one organized repository.

real time dashboard

Real-time dashboard

Uncover insights with analytics and statistics that matter. Create reporting dashboards that are easy to read and distribute to the stakeholders that can make the most impact. With comprehensive graphical representations, our survey data analysis is powerful, easy to understand and act on.