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InsightsHub is a dedicated and searchable repository of ALL your insights data, research methods, and project lifecycles. No more siloed research or under-utilized insights. And no more knowledge disappears when team members leave. It's like a CRM for insights!

Searchable project database

InsightsHub is built around projects.

InsightsHub isn't a place to pin anything anywhere, unlike other knowledge databases. It's designed to be always organized and to ensure that researchers will always find what they're looking for. Imagine taking your messy shared drive and getting it automatically organized into an built-for-insights knowledge base.

To add items to InsightsHub, find the relevant Project or create one from the homepage. Then add your item as a Project Detail, File, or Note. Anything you add to a Project will be indexed and searchable.

Additionally, InsightsHub features a files-only repository for quick-import of all your insights files. These files will be immediately indexed and searchable, even if they aren't attached to an InsightsHub Project.

Files repository

InsightsHub features a files repository, so insights teams can get up-and-running quickly once they start using InsightsHub.

Simply import all your existing insights-related files into the files-only repository. All of these files will be immediately indexed and searchable from the InsightsHub homepage. Optionally attach these files to existing InsightsHub Projects, or simply leave them unattached but still easy-to-find for anyone using your InsightsHub.

Your existing InsightsHub taxonomy can also be applied to these files, in order to keep them organized like your Projects.

Unlimited viewer access

InsightsHub is designed to make sharing insights easy. That's why there will never be any charge for allowing everyone at your organization to view InsightsHub.

Pay only for editor licenses (for your insights team and other researchers), and share insights with an unlimited number of people. Our Agency Edition even allows insights agencies to create InsightsHub instances for their clients that both the agency and client can access (a value-adding client upsell for agencies).

Non-editor users can access your InsightsHub through a customized URL you will create when you first set up your InsightsHub. This link is accessible to anyone, but you can restrict who's allowed to login this way with a secure SSO or by indicating the domain users must have in their email address (for example, you can require that anyone trying to login has an email address associated with your company/brand.

Easy-to-use interface

Unlike clunky knowledge bases, InsightsHub is designed specifically to fit squarely into insights teams' existing workflows. InsightsHub was developed by a team of researchers (not developers) who understand the nuances of insights workflows. It's project hierarchy and taxonomy is customizable, but tailor-made for the unique needs of modern insights teams.

Expect to be all-in with InsightsHub from day one!