Meet the best Medallia Alternatives

We analyzed the main Medallia competitors to find out what’s the best Medallia Alternative based on their best features, customer service and pricing.


What is Medallia?

Medallia is a platform focused on understanding and managing customer and employee experience. This company offers their software to businesses looking for customer service management to help improve their customer experience.

Medallia’s three components to a compelling customer experience management system are capturing feedback from all your customers, transforming data into information in real-time, and trying to make it feasible for everyone within a company, from top management to the front line.

Why consider an alternative to Medallia?

You can get access to the same Medallia features and many more CX features for half the price. Any company can benefit in the long term from making smart moves. By getting more for less with our Customer Experience Management system, you take a big step.

According to technology evaluation platforms, reviews and general opinions of its clients, the most common reasons why users of this platform choose to look for an alternative are the following*:

❌ Advanced sampling outside the system
❌ Complex implementation process
❌ No specialized survey tools

❌ Little to no access to advanced analytics
❌ Poor data Integration Capabilities
❌ Missing key touchpoints of the customer journey

* Based on reviews from users of G2

If you are also dealing with this or any other limitation, read on to find out the best alternatives currently offered on the market. We recommend a more robust Customer Experience Platform, where you can design and manage your customer surveys in no time or use existing templates. Gather deep consumer insights, deep dive into the results with additional surveys for additional insights, share them with your team in real-time.

In addition to this, in QuestionPro you can finally stop being utterly dependent on "when they'll get to it" because we have tools so you can help yourself, get guided support or leave it all to us in the configuration.

Medallia vs QuestionPro

Are you tired to have little to no support dedicated to your CEM project? Or perhaps you’re looking for a more extensive toolbox than the ones you currently have.

Medallia seems to charge you a minimum of USD 300,000 per year. Meanwhile, you can have full access to QuestionPro CX with a starting price of USD 24,000 per year.

Our customer experience management platform is easy to use, robust and offers CX professionals much flexibility. Plus, our customer success team is always there to help you achieve your goals.

QuestionPro CX is the best alternative to Medallia because it empowers you to conduct online and offline customer surveys, gather and analyse customer feedback and measure your customer satisfaction and NPS scores to elevate the customer experience significantly. All this while providing you with a complete research platform that will boost your CX research and enable you to communicate with your customers beyond the CX research.

Go over the extra mile with NPS+, a feature exclusive to QuestionPro CX that combines NPS calculation, root cause, churn risk, and customer-driven co-creation.

This is why QuestionPro CX might be a better fit for you and your business:

✅ Dedicated CEM support
✅ Implementation processes
✅ Data integration capabilities
✅ Data integrity & representatives
✅ Omnichannel experience feature

✅ Extensive toolbox set
✅ Role-based dashboard filters
✅ NPS+
✅Detractor Recovery
✅ Promoter Amplification

Features Comparison Table

Top Features
Unlimited questions per survey
Survey questions and template library
Multilingual surveys
Multiple user accounts
Password protected surveys
Timed surveys
Survey validation
Advanced survey logic
Skip logic & branching
Question & block randomization
Offline mobile app
Detractor recovery
Promoter amplification
Offline koisk data collection
Contactless surveys
Sentiment analysis
Data export & reporting
CX Workflow Survey Delivery Automation
Customizable workflow
Closed loop feedback
24*7 support
Hierarchy editing access
Role-based access
Customer corelation analysis
Push metrics
Revenue weighted NPS

* QuestionPro will support you throughout the implementation process. Your onboarding manager will help you manage your CX initiatives better.

Why is QuestionPro the perfect alternative to Medallia?



The NPS+ feature, a combination of NPS, root cause, and comment question, is exclusive to QuestionPro CX. NPS+ lets you collect insightful information from your customers in 3 easy steps


Promoter amplification

Engage and amplify promoters by creating and implementing CX strategies using our platform. It helps you transform promoters into brand advocates.


Push metrics

Share periodic survey metrics with all dashboard users. It ensures sharing the right data with all the right people that matter to the organization at the right time.


Revenue weighted NPS

With the NPS survey response at granular level, you can compute the NPS by taking into consideration the spend or revenue as per customer.


Closed loop feedback

QuestionPro CX helps its users capture their customers’ journey at various touchpoints and gain real-time insights. Share their feedback with different teams to improve the overall customer experience. Understand their behavior and find out what factors drive it.


Detractor recovery

Follow up with dissatisfied customers. Address detractor’s issues. Identify patterns amongst promoters and replicate what you are doing right.


Customizable dashboards

Get access to a dashboard with customizable widget configurations that enable you to customize your widget filters, chart types along with labels, and the month tracking widget.

global support

24hr global support

Whether you need to run a customer satisfaction survey or monitor employee experience or conduct any other bespoke research, we offer live customer support 24*7, 365 days a year. Reach us via chat, email, phone, or dedicated account managers, and we will help solve your problems.

robust logics

Easy implementation

With our easy implementation process, you can start creating customer surveys right away. We continuously innovate and improve our customer survey platform to help better manage cost-effective customer research. Our platform offers more than your typical Medallia features.

6 Best Medallia Alternatives & Competitors

If you are looking for an alternative to Medallia, it might be because you have felt limited by its platform’s functions. Relax, you are not the only one who experiences this; it’s something more common than you think. Fortunately, there are several options in the market, among which you will probably find the alternative that suits your needs and allows you to achieve the desired results.

The most popular Medallia Alternatives are:


The best alternative to Medallia is QuestionPro CX. Period. There’s no other software as complete in the market that won’t hurt your budget. QuestionPro meets the expectations of any company’s needs. With easy implementation processes, its unique seamless data integration capabilities, advanced analytics and a vast list of features and tools that are available right away.

This software will solve all your data problems, from functions that allow you to do in-depth data analysis and facilitate data collection to generating high-impact reports and gathering essential insights for your operations.

The design within Medallia limits itself to its Operational Customer Experience Management system. Their support is limited during implementation, as their partners get most of their performance.

There are too many requirements for Medallia’s implementations such as internal resources from IT and data teams in order to have an optimal success of the platform’s configuration. In contrast, QuestionPro’s implementation team works under a holistic approach to the creation and interpretation of real insights, while helping you through the implementation process in simple steps.

Medallia doesn’t use scientists for their structure data to assure the correct delivery of optimal insights. The QuestionPro CX team, however, adapts data and analytical partners with experts and data scientists for the integration of multiple data sources. .

Learn how to migrate your CX Research from Medallia to QuestionPro in 3 easy steps.


GetFeedback is a survey software easy to use as you can send surveys to your customers and get their answers back. This software offers a free trial, which is convenient as Medallia doesn’t. For mid-size businesses, GetFeedback might be a better fit, as Medallia focuses mainly on Enterprise.

This platform is mainly simplistic; so simple that many users describe it simply as a data collection platform with many limitations.

Why is GetFeedback a better alternative to Medallia?

GetFeedback is probably a more adequate fit for mid-sized businesses with basic needs than Medallia due to its support and management capabilities. Medallia can still be an option for those looking for feature updates and roadmaps.


With CustomerGauge companies can generate surveys with an analytics module and the reporting hub. This software allows the automation of CX campaigns with an option to personalize them through channel interaction and customer feedback collection.

This product simply allows questionnaire creation and distribution. Their service is fair and they’re one of main Medallia’s competitors due to their similar features.

Why is CustomerGauge a better alternative to Medallia?

For starters, CustomerGauge is more affordable than Medallia. They also provide a good interface and enough functions to collect data and decision-making tools while carrying out a simple CX survey.

For software focusing on B2B markets, we can say CustomerGauge is an option. They do provide account experiences to gather Return On Investment (ROI) data and customer feedback automatisation.


Ask Nicely’s aim is to measure customer satisfaction about products and services through their data collection tools. Some brands use Ask Nicely for their NPS methodology to gather data about their customer’s perceptions.

Why is AskNicely a great alternative to Medallia?

Ask Nicely has some advantage over Medallia if conducting CX studies is in your plans. You could use the platform to study customer perception through analysis.

Ask Nicely could be an alternative if what you’re looking for is a more affordable CX platform with a focus on NPS and on a small business market segment.


InMoment offers a CX (customer experience) optimization software adequate to listen and interact with customers. InMoment is cloud-based and focuses on customer data.

You might find VOC, social reviews, fair support and consulting and employee engagement among their list of products and services.

Why is InMoment a great alternative to Medallia?

If you are looking for a platform easy to set up and run, InMoment might be a better choice than Medallia. The interface that InMoment uses to migrate is rational and intuitive, but their rates are higher than other options such as QuestionPro. InMoment might also provide integration, product capabilities, customer support & deployment.


Qualtrics main focus is customer experience data, but they integrated data analysis recently. Qualtrics’ software works with data collection and experience management. One could say their most notorious function is omnichannel communication encouragement to gather customer data.

Qualtrics uses the information to attempt the prediction of customer behaviour through data models. They aim to explain product changes’ effect on sales, search for at-risk customers and change negative experiences.

Why is Qualtrics an acceptable alternative to Medallia?

Looking closer, Qualtrics and Medallia are very alike in what they lack and provide, but Qualtrics has more survey templates and tools. Qualtrics might be a better fit for a company looking to create surveys.

Unfortunately, Qualtrics high costs and poor implementation support have been important detractors for users looking to switch softwares in the past.

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to carry out advanced studies with detailed analytics features, we recommend you consult our Best Qualtrics Alternatives analysis.

We offer technical support to ensure that this migration is successful and that you can start collecting quality information as soon as possible.

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3. Migrate your customer experience data We’ll help you export all your Medallia survey data and import it into your QuestionPro CX account.

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