Quality Respondents, Intelligent Data, Actionable Results

Tap into QuestionPro Audience's panel network and get unparalleled insights from our community of respondents.

QuestionPro Audience’s innovative technology ensures projects are completed on time, within budget and without compromising data. We can help you conduct a research audience with more than 20 million active members across the globe.
20 Millions Respondents at Your Fingertips
Conduct research and gather valuable insights from our highly recruited panels.
Global Scalability: Access to 20 million users in 32 countries, with 24/7 direct access.
Customized Profiles: We facilitate in-depth sampling selection, by collecting more than 300 profile data points on each member. This includes demographic characteristics and background information.
Quality Recruitment: Our panels consist of members who are double opted-in, pre-screened, and highly qualified to participate in various research studies.
Ongoing Quality Control: We continue to vet respondents based on depth of knowledge, purity of responses, and reliability.
B2B and B2C Solutions
Whether you are trying to reach businesses or individual customers, we have the tools to meet your goals.
Panel Respondents: Recruit your ideal respondent through our multi-mode recruitment outreach and location filtering, ensuring optimal data quality.
Business Panels: Specializing in recruiting highly-sought business professionals, we recruit from your defined market segments.
Customer Panels: Comprised of specialty customer panels, aiding in the development of strong products and services.
Mobile Research Panels
Capture real-time results via mobile data collection with our dedicated mobile panel.
Our mobile community is willing and able to participate in research studies that are traditionally costly and difficult to execute.
Our robust platform provides the flexibility to make actionable decisions on sample feasibility and quota adjustments to achieve optimum data quality.
We have over one-million mobile respondents available, and our Mobile App enables you to easily access this audience.
Data Intelligence Solutions
Powered by QuestionPro, an online survey software platform helping you create, distribute, analyze, and report surveys and polls.
Create Surveys and Polls: Quickly create online surveys and polls with our intuitive web-based software tool.
Collect Responses: Reach your customers wherever they are using via email, website embedding, pop-ups and exit surveys, and social networks.
Analysis & Reporting: A full set of reporting features such as real-time summary, pivot tables, segmentation tools, trend analysis, and text analytics.
QuestionPro Audience prides itself in building a community of highly qualified and highly responsive panelists that accurately represent the general population. All together these members compose our specialty panels. Our focus areas include:
Building Contractors
Pet Owners
College Students
Mobile Phone Users
Small Business Owners
App Developers
Spirit Enthusiasts
Every panelist on QuestionPro Audience provides detailed demographics and background information, accounting for more than 300 data points. Below is just a sample of the datapoints based on how we assess our panelists.

Gender Ethnicity Income
Age Education Language
Vehicle Occupation Shopping Habits
Online Activities Gaming Insurance
Television Programs Mobile Carriers Beverage Preferences
Travel Banking Fitness
Location Home Value Interests