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Audience for all your research needs

B2C panelists:

Millions of consumers who are highly recruited to represent a cross-section of the global population.

B2B panelists:

Business professionals and high-level decision-makers covering every market size, segment, and industry.

Mobile respondents:

Harness the power of smartphones and ask respondents to take photos, videos or participate in mobile diaries.


More than 10 specialty audiences, including veterinarians, app developers, building contractors, gamers, small-biz owners, and more.

High-frequency research:

Conduct high-frequency research with quick turnaround time. Slack integration helps you collect instant answers and survey responses.
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The QuestionPro Audience difference


Millions of survey respondents, giving you access to an ever-expanding universe.


Rigorous recruitment methods and ongoing maintenance, to ensure the integrity of our research panels.


Active recruitment, digital fingerprinting and rigorous sample selection for every project.

Turnkey solution:

Innovative technology with global integrated solutions. Real-time panel count and secure login.

Instant answers:

Create and launch short surveys through Slack. Field your question to a census balanced nationally representative sample and receive responses within Slack.
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Panel maintenance and security

Participation control:

Participation control to identify respondents and prevent fraud. Eliminate duplicate respondents and ensure unique survey data.

Double opt-in:

A rigorous registration and sign-in process to validate new and existing members to eliminate fraudulent answers.

Panel segmentation:

Registered panelists provide detailed demographics and background information, accounting for more than 300 data points collected from each member.

Digital fingerprinting:

A digital portfolio of survey respondents is created. It restricts panelists from taking the same survey twice.


Niche and focused panelists to suit your exclusive research needs
Reach hard-to-find B2B and consumer audience


Small Business Owners

A deeply profiled and highly engaged community of small business owners. Our smalll business owners panel has over 100,000 members ready to participate in research studies


Builders/General Contractors

QuestionPro's Builder panel offers unparalleled value by providing big box stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, a front row seat with professional home builders and contractors.


Mobile Users

More than 500,000 global active smartphone users who are uniquely identified with device identifiers (UDID), pre-screened and highly qualified to participate in research studies.



Our gamer panel is carefully recruited to target true and light video gamers, but also taking into consideration certain key industry trends to ensure a well balanced and representative panel.


Registered Voters

The first nationwide panel of likely voters available to conduct online polling, ad testing, focus groups and in-depth interviewing among registered voters across the United States.


Pet Owners

Our Pet Owner panel is carefully recruited to ensure a well balanced and representative panel of pet owners.


Home Owners

Get a front row seat with high-end home owners who are strategically recruited to participate in quantitative research and live discussions.


College Students

An online community of more than 200K college students nationwide. Our panel consists of verified college students who are pre-screened and readily available to voice their opinion.



A highly engaged research panel of veterinarians. Our vet panel is one of a handful in the US and consists of more than 40,000 veterinarians who provide critical insights.

More than just sample
We put together all the pieces of research to create complete 360° survey studies.
Because it's not just 'tapping' the right Audience, it's also about effectively 'listening' to your Audience through insightful surveys!