Shorter and quicker quantitative surveys

Researchers have sent out lengthy online surveys with a considerable response time to ask simple questions for too long.

Instant Answers integrated with Slack is a faster way to capture the same sentiment that long surveys capture. Ask burning questions for instant feedback, usually within an hour.

Instant answers, instant benefits

Nationally representative sample: Census balanced respondents proportionally filled by age, gender, region, and ethnicity.

Quick turnaround times: Receive responses within minutes of fielding the question.

Higher response rate: The survey takers of today prefer quicker surveys.

Sentiment gathering: Capture the same sentiments that more extensive surveys capture.


Receive immediate responses

Instant Answers is powered by Slack integration. Researchers can efficiently reach the right people, quicker than ever, and receive immediate responses. Post a question via Slack, choose the region, language, and sample size. Instant Answers fields the question to a general population of double opted in and verified respondents directly in Slack.


Receive immediate feedback to any question.

Our panel of survey respondents will ensure you receive immediate feedback. Available in the US and UK only.

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