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Offline Survey App: Conduct Offline Surveys and collect real-time data on the go!

Conduct your mobile surveys from anywhere for just $75/ month.

Our Offline Survey App for conducting offline Surveys is fully compatible with all handheld devices and mobile operating systems including the iPad, iPhone, and Android. The QuestionPro offline survey app allows all users to collect and store offline survey data. Conduct a device audit, customize the user experience, native sync with Salesforce, set action alerts, and capture location data.


Create Unlimited Surveys and Questionnaires!

Built on top of QuestionPro’s platform, easily build and distribute offline surveys in minutes!
Unlimited offline surveys! Number of offline surveys per device is only limited by the internal and external storage space on the device. This also means that there is no limit on the number of days that the records can be saved locally.
80+ supported question types: From simple to advanced, use any of our 80+ question types to collect in-depth offline survey data for your market research study.
Advanced survey logic: Don’t spend time understanding survey logic. Use our platform to build a robust survey with advanced survey logic features like branching, piping, randomization or skip logic.
Advanced Question Types: The offline app supports all advanced question-types such as side-by-side matrix, Van Westendorp-Price Sensitivity, lookup table, reference data and tube-pulse questions.
Local language support: Customize each offline survey to be understood by the locals in the location at which the survey is being conducted.

Collect Offline Survey Data Anywhere, No Internet Required

No Wi-Fi? No GSM connection? No Problem! The Offline Survey App allows surveys to be conducted anywhere, even for field research. The survey data is saved on the device till they can be synced via internet into a database.
Collect data across demographics: Purchase additional device keys at only $99 per mobile device and conduct simultaneous offline surveys globally!
Unhindered multimedia data collection: The offline survey app can collect unlimited audio, video, barcodes, images and other multimedia responses for survey questions. Sync this data to the database or platform when connected to the internet and it disappears from your local device freeing up space for more offline surveys.
Automated survey bookmark: Left an offline survey incomplete? Come back and complete the survey from the last question that was answered.

Best Offline Survey App for Kiosks!

Kiosk Mode: Allows the respondents to access the page where they can only answer the offline surveys. Create a survey and deploy in kiosk mode on any mobile or tablet ecosystem including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)! No restrictions on the device for the offline survey app as long as it is in the mobile iOS or Android ecosystem. No expensive hardware lockdown!
Intuitive Kiosk Experience: Advanced functionality to provide that perfect Kiosk functionality, this includes:
  • Browsing restriction and application lock-down options..
  • Inactivity timer and survey reset.
  • Surveys automatically loop to beginning at completion.

Offline Survey Response Authentication and Security

Complete device audit: Want to weed out phoney responses during offline survey data capture? Device audit captures clear audio / pictures during any survey data input.
Location Tracking: Track the geo-location for individual survey responses, from where the survey was taken. No internet required!
Device Lock: Intelligent surveys that auto-lock when the device has not been in use for a certain amount of time, especially in the kiosk-mode.

Conduct Offline Survey Data Analysis

Get real-time insights and reports: Get an on-the-spot snapshot and data analysis reporting of each collected offline survey.
Batch reporting: Get updated reports on each pre-sync batch of offline survey data. This can help with quickly drawing conclusions with advanced statistical analysis.
In-depth Reporting and Data Analysis: The offline survey app offers an advanced and in-depth suite of reporting and analysis tools that quickly turn data into actionable insights. Reporting options include response frequency chats, GAP and TURF analysis, conjoint analysis, crosstabs and SPSS.
Enterprise Solutions for the Offline Survey App
CRM integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
We offer data integration into CRM’s like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics through a direct API integration. This will let you capture leads and sync data automatically.
Live Customer Support 24 hours a day!
No matter where you are, survey downtime could be detrimental to your research objective and hence we are available with live support 24 hours a day via email and chat to always make your experience easier.
Compare surveys!
The QuestionPro offline app is one of the only application that allows to consolidate data from different offline surveys and even compare this data.
Text Analysis of offline surveys
Analyze complex text data in the offline survey that allows for advanced analysis!

Mobile Integration
Secure data storage
We ensure that all the offline survey data that is collected is stored securely to avoid any data breaches.
GDPR compliant
The offline survey app is GDPR compliant which makes survey data collection a hassle free experience.