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Making surveys from scratch can be time-consuming and difficult. It is where survey templates come in handy. This template will look at multiple surveys or survey templates and advantages that may help businesses acquire actionable insights more quickly.

Customer evaluation survey template

Customer evaluation surveys often ask about customer satisfaction, product/service feedback, customer service evaluation, website/user experience, and likely to refer to the product/service. Customer evaluation survey templates can be adjusted for a business's industry, goals, and audience, providing a starting point for survey creation.

QuestionPro is the leading survey and research platform for customer feedback surveys. With over 50 expert-designed survey templates, we offer the most advanced tools to measure your customer Satisfaction, NPS, and Effort scores. Our survey templates library is segmented into four groups - customer satisfaction questionnaires. VOC questionnaires, product satisfaction questionnaires, and customer service evaluation questionnaires.

Advantages of using customer evaluation survey template

There are several advantages to using customer evaluation surveys, including:

  • Feedback from the source: Customer evaluation surveys let you directly ask customers about their experiences, customer satisfaction, and preferences and provide valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.

  • Customer satisfaction measurement: These surveys measure customer satisfaction. Measuring customer satisfaction helps you identify strengths and weaknesses to help with project prioritization and resource allocation.

  • Identifying areas for improvement: Customer evaluation surveys identify areas for improvement in your product, service, or customer experience. Collect customer feedback to learn what your company is doing well, what isn't working, and where to improve.


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Employee Experience Survey Templates

Employee experience survey templates are an essential communication medium between you and your employees. Employees generally seek to match what is perceived to be the desired response in workplace situations. Concerns about dissension, appearing eager, feigning praise, or drawing too much attention can all lead employees to adjust their opinions.

Employee surveys help human resource departments develop a realistic assessment of company culture.

Advantages of using employee experience survey template

There are several advantages to using employee experience surveys, including:

  • Enhancing employee engagement: Employee experience surveys allow employees to voice their issues and thoughts, fostering a culture of collaboration and involvement.

  • Insight into employee satisfaction: Employee surveys reveal organizational emotion, employee engagement, and satisfaction that assist in uncovering strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identifying areas for improvement: Employee surveys reveal organizational emotion, employee engagement, and satisfaction that assist in uncovering strengths and weaknesses.

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Market research survey template

Offering market research survey templates to new or existing customers helps you better understand your brand perception and industry needs.

Using branding features, you can customize your market research surveys to match your brand guidelines. This could include your logo, fonts, and color scheme to help make surveys look more professional. Setting the tone encourages respondents to complete the survey.

Advantages of using a market research survey template

There are several advantages to using market research survey templates, including:

  • Customer insights: Market research surveys provide direct customer insights, preferences, and behaviors. They provide data on your target audience's requirements and expectations.

  • Competitive analysis: You can research your competition, customers, and strengths and weaknesses with market research surveys. This data helps you find market gaps, differentiate your business, and gain an edge.

  • Brand perception and positioning: Market research surveys help collect actionable customer feedback on brand features, messaging, and competitive positioning. You can modify your brand strategy and meet customer expectations.

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Industry survey template

Use survey responses and analyze data to increase the quality of service that you offer to your customers. Industry survey templates help you collect quality responses to your survey question on important industry topics. These ready-made survey templates can easily be customized to meet your survey needs.

Gain valuable insights with key industry surveys such as fast food surveys, hotel/resort surveys, restaurant surveys, client satisfaction surveys, business-to-business (B2B) demographics surveys, seminar surveys, transportation satisfaction surveys, retail store evaluation surveys (for both online and offline), and debit and credit card surveys for banking industry businesses.

Advantages of using an industry survey template

There are several advantages to using industry survey templates, including:

  • Industry insights: Businesses can better understand market dynamics, customer preferences, upcoming technology, regulatory changes, and other industry-specific variables by participating in or conducting industry surveys.

  • Benchmarking: Benchmarking data from industry surveys lets companies compare their performance and procedures to industry averages or best-in-class organizations.

  • Forecasting and strategic planning: Industry surveys generally include industry trends, estimates, and future expectations. Businesses use this data to forecast and plan.


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Community survey template

QuestionPro Community survey templates allow you to create engaged customer community surveys. Collect real-time customer insights and impact the customer experience through opinion surveys for your community.

Analyze survey data as it comes in to create robust reports. Distribute your customized survey template via the internet or email, and tabulate the results in real-time. Then export the reports to programs like Excel and create visual graphs and data charts for easy-to-interpret survey results.

Advantages of using community survey

There are several advantages to using community surveys, including:

  • Community engagement: Community surveys allow for community engagement and decision-making. Organizations show openness, transparency, and collaboration by asking for their ideas.

  • Stakeholder input: Community surveys allow organizations to gather employee feedback from people, companies, community leaders, and nonprofits and help stakeholders understand multiple perspectives, and find shared goals.


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Personal Surveys

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Academic evaluation survey template

Academic surveys help educational institutions gain better insights into the feelings of their students and the success of teachers and classes. Conducting academic surveys is easier than ever with online academic survey templates. Our sample survey library consists of academic training surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and classes.

Advantages of using an academic evaluation survey

There are several advantages to using academic evaluation surveys, including:

  • Gather feedback from students: Academic evaluation surveys allow students to submit comments on their learning experiences, courses, instructors, and academic programs.

  • Quality assurance: Academic evaluation surveys increase educational quality assurance. By gathering courses, teaching, and actionable feedback, institutions can identify areas for improvement and take action.

  • Student engagement and satisfaction: Academic evaluation surveys give students a voice. Institutions show student engagement and satisfaction by actively soliciting feedback.


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Nonprofit survey templates

Conduct surveys to evaluate volunteer experiences or nonprofit events. Nonprofit survey templates help you learn more about the volunteer, donor, and public feedback perception of your organization. Free survey template options allow nonprofits to learn more about how well an event or volunteer experience went.

Advantages of using nonprofit survey

There are several advantages to using nonprofit surveys, including:

  • Stakeholder feedback: Nonprofit surveys allow stakeholders, including beneficiaries, funders, volunteers, and community members, to provide input on the organization's programs, services, and impact.

  • Program evaluation: Nonprofits can assess program efficacy and impact via these types of surveys. Organizations can review program outcomes, identify areas for development, and make data-driven decisions to improve their programs.

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COVID-19 survey template

Each online questionnaire helps acquire important information that helps understand health issues or symptoms during this Coronavirus pandemic. Industry experts design these COVID-19 survey templates.

The general health survey template helps you assess your target audience's mental and physical capacity. Our employee evaluation survey template helps collect similar insights into employee efficiency, health, leadership impact, and more.

Advantages of using the COVID-19 survey

There are several advantages to using COVID-19 surveys, including:

  • Monitoring public health measures: Mask-wearing, physical distance, and hand hygiene can be monitored with COVID-19 surveys. Surveys evaluate public health programs and drive behavior change messaging by collecting data on behaviors and compliance rates.

  • Informing public health strategies: COVID-19 surveys inform public health programs and decisions. The data can inform targeted actions, testing, contact tracking, and immunization programs.

  • Enhancing preparedness for future outbreaks: COVID-19 survey template can improve pandemic preparation. The data helps identify response strategy strengths and weaknesses, educates public health planning, and improves healthcare systems, emergency preparedness, and crisis management.

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Survey templates help businesses get customer, employee, and stakeholder data and insights. These templates help organizations save time, follow best practices, assure consistency, and personalize surveys to their needs.

So, why start from scratch when survey templates unlock data collection power!