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300+ Free Survey Templates: Sample Questions and Questionnaires

Survey Templates for customer satisfaction (CSAT) measurement, product and service feedback, market research, employee evaluations, academic studies and more!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

QuestionPro is the leading online survey platform for customer satisfaction survey questions, providing end-to-end solutions for tracking customer satisfaction. Effective customer satisfaction surveys focus on measuring customer perceptions of how well a company delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business. The survey template library includes factors such as service promptness, staff responsiveness, and understanding of the customer's problem.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

10 Survey Templates

Voice of the Customer Surveys

3 Survey Templates

Product Surveys

22 Survey Templates

Service Evaluation Surveys

15 Survey Templates

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Human Resource Survey Templates

Human Resource Survey Templates

Human Resource survey templates are an essential communication medium between you and your employees. Concerns about dissention, appearing eager, feigning praise, or drawing too much attention can all lead employees to adjust their opinions to match what is perceived to be the desired response. The anonymity of these online survey templates helps ease communication problems giving human resource departments a realistic assessment of company culture. You can then make policies in the right direction.

Employee Evaluation Surveys

30 Survey Templates

Job Satisfaction Surveys

1 Survey Template

Training Evaluation Surveys

1 Survey Template

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Marketing Survey Templates

Market Research Surveys And Marketing Survey Templates

Is a market ready for your line of products or services? What is the best feature-to-price correlation for a specific market segment? Is your product concept in line with your marketing strategy? Are consumers willing to pay the price you need to stay profitable?

Get answers and insights to market research survey questions in a click - with these ready made questionnaire templates for you to use for free.

New Product Marketing / Concept Testing Surveys

23 Survey Templates

Conference Feedback Surveys

2 Survey Templates

Focus Group Recruitment Surveys

1 Survey Template

Hardware / Software Surveys

8 Survey Templates

Website Surveys

20 Survey Templates

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Industry  Survey Templates

Industry Survey Templates

Industry Survey Templates & Questionnaire Templates that get you quality response to your survey questions, in turn increasing the quality of service that you offer to your customers. These ready made templates, which you can easily edit as required, cover some most key industry surveys such as fast food survey, hotel / resort survey, restaurant survey, client satisfaction survey, business to business (B2B) demographics survey, seminar survey, transportation satisfaction survey, retail store evaluation survey (for both online and offline), debit and credit card surveys for banking industry surveys and much more!

Hotel / Restaurant Surveys

6 Survey Templates

B2B Surveys

8 Survey Templates

Retail Surveys

6 Survey Templates

Travel Surveys

4 Survey Templates

Health Care Surveys

4 Survey Templates

Insurance Surveys

8 Survey Templates

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Community Survey Templates

Community Survey Templates

QuestionPro Community survey templates and questionnaire templates allows you to create engaged customer community surveys, collect real-time customer insights, and impact the customer experience. Distribute surveys via internet or email, and tabulate results in real time. All survey and survey results are hosted in the cloud and results are readily available from any device - mobile, tablet or desktop.

Social Surveys

5 Survey Templates

Demo/Psychographics Surveys

15 Survey Templates

Personal Surveys

8 Survey Templates

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Academic Evaluation Survey Templates

Academic Evaluation Survey Templates

Conducting academic surveys had never been so easy. Our sample survey templates library consists of academic training surveys, school surveys to evaluate students, teachers, courses as well as schools.

Training Surveys

17 Survey Templates

School Surveys

13 Survey Templates

University Surveys

9 Survey Templates
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Non-Profit Survey Templates

Non-Profit survey templates help you with the list of sample survey questions for non-profit organizations for their volunteers, donors and non-profit events. Check out our sample non-profit survey questionnaire to know more about the experience of people working with you and find insights into how you can improve non-profits events in future.

Non-Profit Event Surveys

6 Survey Templates

Non-Profit Organization Surveys

3 Survey Templates

Non-Profit Volunteer Surveys

6 Survey Templates
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