Hardware & Software Surveys: Questions & Templates

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Hardware & Software Surveys: Questions & Templates

Hardware & Software Surveys

Improving hardware product features to meet customer requirements can often be expensive which makes it a critical decision making aspect for the product owner. If an organized data-oriented approach is adapted to understand customer needs and expectations, it becomes easy to make decisions about updated hardware product features. Apart from money and research, there are two more important factors which go into purchasing a hardware product: effort and time. Hardware product evaluation survey template sample offers you the right questions to obtain insightful information from customers about brand reliability, installation procedure, value of money and other such hardware product feature and pricing expectations. You can customize this sample questionnaire template according to the industry of the hardware product so that you cater to your target audience.

Use these software product evaluation questions to evaluate the importance of various attributes for a software product. Find out how satisfied your users are with your product and gain insights into the user behavior and preferences. You can use their feedback to design new features and create a product marketing strategy.

Software product researchers can use our free software evaluation survey template to understand the factors that contribute to the success of a product. You can edit this sample and include questions and examples pertaining to software product type.

A company puts in a considerable amount of time into conducting research about the products/services. You as a service provider, must understand the importance of various factors such as website information quality, training about the product networks, pre-engineering consultation, and other such factors which can be done using a survey template. QuestionPro offers a sample survey that includes questions revolving around all pre-installation aspects that have different priorities for the customers, for example - technical support, round the clock on-call assistance, involvement of a third-party for installation etc. If an organization uses this survey example to understand pre-installation preferences, it becomes easier for them to cater to customer demands and in turn help in converting these prospective companies into loyal buyers.

Technical documentation survey template provides access to customer feedback about the technical documents for your products. It is integral to have systematically documented information for hardware or software products in manufacturing, electronics, or any other consumable product industry. Technical documentation provides a better understanding of the product with specificities which not be quite evident to the users at first. Your organization should keep the target audience in mind while writing technical documentation. Using this sample survey, you can ask the customers to provide information about their satisfaction levels regarding the aptness of content, quality of covered details, usability and implementation using the technical documentation and how can your company improve the quality and details of documentation. This survey example can be customized according the technology you offer and the details you expect from this survey.

The evaluation of market potential survey template can be used in case you are intending to launch a new business or a new product or service in an already established market. The market potential varies directly according to the change in the region. This survey example can help you in understanding whether the customers would prefer purchasing the product online or offline, which region do they belong to, how much are they willing to spend on a particular product, what are their likes and dislikes etc. This customizable sample survey template can be edited to include questions which can provide insights about the sense of urgency in the audience, is there enough market size to accommodate a new business or a new product along with the already existing businesses, what can be the price range for the products, how easy or hard will it be to acquire a new customer in the market, what unique can your company offer that will suffice market requirement, will there be scope for growth in the market in the next 10-20-30 years so that it is worth spending a fortune to launch a business or product or service.

Once a hardware product is purchased, one of the best practices to evaluate customer satisfaction is to send across a hardware post installation satisfaction survey. QuestionPro post installation satisfaction sample questionnaire offers editable questions which can be used to obtain information about whether site preparation instructions were provided in time, were the instructions straightforward or did they require assistance, timely delivery of hardware product as promised, guidance for on-site installation etc. This questionnaire example has been prepared by industry experts and also includes questions about frequency of usage, customer satisfaction levels after installation, likelihood of product recommendation to evaluate whether the hardware product installation was successful or not.

The product purchase process suggests the steps followed by a customer to finally buy the product. A standard procedure of product purchase involves identifying customer demands or requirements, research, analysis of various choices and pre and post purchase evaluation. By editing the product purchase process survey template, you can ask the customers when did customers purchase the product, which model of the product did they purchase, source of obtaining information about the product, whether the purchase was online or offline, reason to make the purchase, preferred product features etc. Understanding customer demographics is also an important part of the product purchase process sample survey. You can edit the demographic elements of this survey example according to the required details such as age, region, family income, gender, etc.

Demonstration Survey Template by QuestionPro includes questions and examples of different categories. This questionnaire sample can be edited according to the required question types such as rank order, multiple choice question, net promoter score question etc.

Computer/Cyber Security Survey Template

Consumer electronics survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information about the shopping experiences of consumers when purchasing electronics. This survey aims to identify the thought process of a consumer when purchasing an electronic device, which can enable a company to launch new products, manage supply of the stock, etc. Consumer electronics survey can enable companies to understand the market demand, understand the flaws in their product and also find out issues in the various processes that influence the purchase of their goods.

The market size for United states consumer electronics industry is estimated to reach $377 billion in 2018. Consumer electronics are needed on a day to day basis. One might say they are becoming a necessity for every person around the world. For every task that we do, we can have an electronic device do it faster. Because of the ease of use and saving time, all of us prefer to purchase these devices, which indeed makes life easier. Consumer electronics can be devices like Television, cellphones, radios, dryers, printers, computers, gaming consoles, etc.

Following are the questions to gather information about consumer electronics and what are the factors that influence the purchase of a device

These Hardware and Software Survey Templates are created with detailed questions by expert researchers. These surveys cover a wide range of topics such as software survey for evaluation, hardware evaluation, pre-installation survey, technical documentation survey and many more. You can also use these surveys as a method of reference for survey examples or sample survey. Else, you can get started right away with these free templates. Simply select a survey template, edit it the way you want and send it out.