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Hardware Product Evaluation Survey Template

Improving hardware product features to meet customer requirements can often be expensive which makes it a critical decision making aspect for the product owner. If an organized data-oriented approach is adapted to understand customer needs and expectations, it becomes easy to make decisions about updated hardware product features. Apart from money and research, there are two more important factors which go into purchasing a hardware product: effort and time. Hardware product evaluation survey template sample offers you the right questions to obtain insightful information from customers about brand reliability, installation procedure, value of money and other such hardware product feature and pricing expectations. You can customize this sample questionnaire template according to the industry of the hardware product so that you cater to your target audience.

How important are the following product characteristics to you in the selection of new hardware products?
Which of the following products have been installed at your worksite or organization for at least three months?
If [SOME_PRODUCT] is installed at your site, please rate it on the criteria below.

Why conduct a Hardware Product Evaluation Survey?

The hardware product market is ever-evolving, competitive, involves intensive investments even to make small changes in features and is extremely challenging to change product models frequently. Every organization is expected to plan well according to the changing market for developing highly market compliant hardware products. For you to create and consistently update products according to customer requirements, a significant amount of resources and time are invested in research and planning, as a prerequisite.

  • Irrespective of the industry you cater to, you can edit the question examples of our hardware product evaluation survey templates to develop products which your customers will appreciate, have cutting-edge technology in products to compete against the best in the industry and keep making regular enhancements in your already market-compliant hardware products.
  • Customer approval and disapproval are important to know whether existing products need to be updated or they will be well-received for a certain business calendar, while focusing on advanced models.
  • There are regular feature updates in the market, analysis of which can be done using a hardware product evaluation survey.
  • For a new hardware product to be successful, you need to plan well-in-advance. By sending across a hardware product evaluation survey, you can evaluate the right target audience for the new product, pricing bracket for the product, feature list etc.

Best Uses of Hardware Product Evaluation Survey

  • Monitor manufacturing quality and defects: Edit and send this online questionnaire to customers once a week or month to analyze hardware product quality feedback. Does the product succumb to minor wear and tear? What is its appeal after a year's use? Answers to such questions can be monitored to improve product manufacturing quality.
  • Analyze pricing for new products: You can understand the market demands and their corresponding prices to create products which cater to the analyzed price range by collecting feedback from customers through online or offline surveys. For hardware store visitors, you can implement a kiosk based survey feedback mechanism while for online visitors, feedback can be collected via Email, SMS or embedding it on the website.
  • Modify features according to the market: Regular hardware product evaluation can lead to better understanding of market demand of latest features which can be implemented in upcoming releases of the same product.
  • Create a roadmap for product features: Obtain answers for questions such as: “How important are the following product characteristics to you in the selection of new hardware products?” - will help you in creating a priority list of upcoming features for your organization.