The leading customer survey software

Conduct real-time customer surveys using our customer satisfaction extensive survey tools, collect automated survey data and get robust analytics to measure customer satisfaction and experience.


Build surveys powered to drive customer engagement

In just minutes, QuestionPro CX customer survey software enables you to create end-to-end customer surveys that collect feedback measuring your customers’ satisfaction levels and experience.

  • Choose from over 80 standard and advanced question-types
  • With 60+ free customer survey templates

Collect feedback in real-time

Our customer survey tools simplify survey distribution and automate real-time data collection with email, website embed, SMS, Mobile App, Communities, QR Codes, and more!

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Analyze survey results

Get a well-rounded look at your customer feedback and boost your survey insights with QuestionPro CX:

  • Personalizable dashboards and widgets to filter data
  • pply advanced analysis methods using NPS, NPS+, CSAT, Conjoint, and +25 more advanced customer survey tools!
  • Export reports to Excel, SPSS, TXT, Dropbox, and Google Drive
Survey software with integrations for business

We offer seamless, powerful software integrations and synchronization of customer survey data.

It’s simple. We utilize webhooks and APIs for perfectly consistent and coherent back-end data integration.

Create, send and analyze customer surveys

Conduct real-time customer surveys, collect automated survey data, and get robust analytics to measure customer satisfaction and experience.

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A customer survey software with features your team will love

Review some of the QuestionPro CX's extensive toolbelt of features

50+ Free Customer Survey Tools

Reduce the amount of time it takes to build a survey from scratch with our selection of online survey templates. Survey topics range from customer experience to satisfaction, and more!

survey logic

Smart Survey Logic and Branching

Easy to use survey builders make it effortless for you to collect data from your audience. Skip learning complex softwares and everything that they entail — get straight to your feedback.

survey report

Survey Reporting and Analysis

Our customer survey tools include a wide range of reporting and advanced analytics like NPS+, CSAT, Maxdiff, Conjoint, sentiment analysis, and comparative NPS scores.

ftp shceduler

FTP Schedulers

Eliminate the manual effort required to distribute repeat customer surveys with our platform’s built-in automated scheduler. Simply schedule the import of your customer database to start sending out surveys, over and over again!

global support

Global Support 24/7

Whatever time of day, day of the year, and location — we’re here for you. We provide live support for all your customer survey related queries over online chat, email or phone.


Enterprise-Grade Survey Platform

QuestionPro offers you simple and advanced question types that actionable customer survey data is gathered from. Our library contains over 80 readymade question types in 100+ languages.


“QuestionPro CX helped us automate the workflows and gather data in a digestible way while making the process smooth and error-free for the end-user. Technical implementation and ensuring user experience excellence was important to us so it was crucial that the system was built to be available around the clock.”

Samuel T. Harris Business Analyst