A Behavioral-First Mindset

Changing the way brands understand consumers
Summary The most successful brands build their marketing strategies from a deep understanding of the people they are trying to resonate...
Lisa Speck
14 min read

Using the Power of Customer Voice to drive revenue:

Traditional Customer Voice vs the True Authentic Voice of your Customers
Introduction There are several challenges and opportunities when it comes to capturing the true, authentic voice of the customer. Customer Voice...
Dana Alvarenga
5 min read

The good, bad & ugly of Generative AI & ChatGPT in the…

Generative AI and ChatGPT are moving us toward Research 3.0. But what does that mean for you?
Introduction There have been many interactions about the promise of how generative AI and machine learning will revolutionize the way we...
Dan Fleetwood
16 min read

Connecting the dots – A holistic approach to CX

Introduction & Executive Summary Identifying and isolating specific customer feedback for follow-up triage and action is familiar, indeed commonplace. Closing the...
Marc Mandel
6 min read

The 3 Big Problems with Experience Data – and How to Solve…

What we can do to combat problems of scale, silos, and bias
Summary This article talks about how we can better utilize the data collected at various digital interaction points. It requires a...
Ritvij Gautam
15 min read

Experience Innovation: Give a Memorable Experience to your Customers

Gain loyalty at multiple stages of customer journey
Summary Delighting a customer can be an uphill task if you don’t constantly innovate. You may ‘satisfy’ customers, but not ‘delight’...
Sindhu Sreenath
8 min read

A Human-centric Approach to User Research in the Age of AI

What does the future of user research look like
Summary The article starts with an AI-generated response to the question, “What does the future of user research look like?” which...
Scott Elder
7 min read

Customer delight in the automotive industry: Opportunities and Solutions

Move beyond customer satisfaction
Summary With EVs disrupting the automotive industry, car manufacturers, dealers, and OEM providers face the eternal challenge of keeping customers happy....
Valerie Peck
6 min read

Preserving Insights Stories: Challenges and Solutions in a High-turnover Environment

How an insights repository can help presenting data in the right context
Introduction While the full impact of The Great Reshuffle on the insights industry remains to be seen, there’s little question that our current...
Nick Freiling
9 min read