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As you must know, businesses need to be constantly on the lookout for alternatives that offer better features and value to their market research. A platform like Qualtrics is in a very competitive and growing market, making it logical to check out its competition to review possible new opportunities.

A clear example of better opportunities is that you can now access the same Qualtrics features plus additional elements for a lower price than your existing Qualtrics fee. Getting more for less is a great way to see an opportunity and take it.

Reasons to Search for a Qualtrics Alternative

Besides the need to stay one step ahead of the game as a business, searching for a better Qualtrics alternative can be a good decision at the time. Some of the reasons are listed for you below:

Cost-Efficiency: While Qualtrics offers a range of features, its pricing structure can be inconvenient for small to medium-sized businesses. Alternative platforms often provide competitive pricing plans that cater to a broader range of budgets, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious organizations.

Flexibility and Customization: Businesses should require flexibility in survey design and customization options to align with their specific requirements. Qualtrics may fall short in providing the level of flexibility needed by some organizations, leading them to explore alternatives that offer more outstanding customization capabilities.

User Experience: User-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows are essential for maximizing productivity and minimizing the learning curve associated with new software. Some users find Qualtrics to be complex and overwhelming, prompting them to seek alternatives that offer a more streamlined user experience.

Customer Support and Service: Punctual and responsive customer support is crucial for resolving issues and maximizing the value derived from a software platform. Businesses may consider alternatives to Qualtrics as they have reported experiencing challenges with customer support or seeking more personalized assistance.

Best Features to Look for in a Qualtrics Alternative

With the intention of making it easier for you in your search for a more suitable Qualtrics alternative, we’ve put together a table with the features that can be best provided by other companies and might align better with your goals and company needs.



Survey Creation

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for building surveys quickly and easily.

Customization Options

Ability to customize survey themes, layouts, and branding to align with your organization’s identity.

Question Types

Wide range of question types to capture diverse feedback, including multiple-choice, open-ended, etc.

Advanced Logic

Support for advanced branching and skip logic to create dynamic surveys tailored to each respondent.

Multilingual Surveys

Capability to create surveys in multiple languages to reach a diverse audience.

Mobile Compatibility

Responsive design for surveys that render well on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Data Analysis Tools

Robust analytics and reporting features for extracting actionable insights from survey responses.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with other software tools, such as CRM systems or data analysis platforms.

Collaboration Features

Collaboration tools to facilitate teamwork and streamline the survey creation and review process.


Ability to handle large-scale surveys and accommodate growth in survey volumes over time.

Why is QuestionPro the perfect alternative to Qualtrics?

easy to use

Easy to use and master

Create beautiful surveys in seconds. We continuously innovate our survey tools to help better manage cost-effective market research. Our platform offers more than your typical Qualtrics features and is highly intuitive and progressive.


Reports that are useful. For real.

Get access to user-friendly analytics, dashboards, and reports. Analyze data in real-time to uncover the insights that matter to you. Our reporting solutions ensure we are the best alternative to Qualtrics.


Your data is well protected

Whether you run offline surveys, engagement surveys, feedback surveys, customer experience studies, or market research of any kind, your data is collected and stored securely in data-centers of your choice.

survey template

Custom SLA

We value user experience and customer satisfaction and hence ensure that you get more than what you do from your Qualtrics pricing. Hence, we offer cost-effective models and customized SLA to provide you with high value and ROI.

global support

24hr global support

Whether you need to run a customer satisfaction survey or monitor employee experience or conduct any other bespoke research, we offer live customer support 24*7, 365 days a year. Reach us via chat, email, phone, or dedicated account managers, and we will help solve your problems.

robust logics

Robust logics

Use QuestionPro's market research software platform, unlock advanced logic that is incredibly comprehensive, but simple. Get insights faster from your survey data with comprehensive survey questions, block, and survey level logic, including branching, skip logic, extraction, looping, weighting & balancing, and randomization.

Top 3 Best Qualtrics Alternatives

As we explored before, QuestionPro is the leading Qualtrics alternative, offering a complete suite of survey and research tools designed to empower businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive interface, advanced survey design capabilities, and robust reporting features, QuestionPro enable users to create, distribute, and analyze surveys effortlessly.

Unlike Qualtrics, QuestionPro offers flexible pricing plans that cater to the needs of small businesses, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking high-quality survey software.

Besides QuestionPro, we recognize the efforts of all the competitors in the market to provide better Qualtrics alternatives. Let’s take a look at the top 2 and top 3, according to our research.

Top 2: Medallia

Medallia is another popular alternative to Qualtrics, known for its focus on customer experience management and feedback solutions. With its analytics capabilities and a suite of CX tools, Medallia enables businesses to capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback.

While Medallia may have a steeper learning curve compared to Qualtrics, its features and solutions make it a reasonable choice for enterprise-level organizations.

Top 3: Confirmit

Confirmit is a provider of market research and customer experience solutions, offering a range of survey and feedback management tools. With its survey design options, analytics capabilities, and multichannel feedback collection features, Confirmit allows businesses to gather insights and drive continuous improvement.

Confirmit may lack some of the user-friendly features found in Qualtrics, but its customizable solutions and enterprise-grade functionality can make it a fair contender in the market.

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Top Features
Unlimited surveys & responses
Unlimited questions per survey
Survey questions and template library
Multilingual surveys
Multiple user accounts
Password protected surveys
Timed surveys
Survey validation
Advanced survey logic
Skip logic & branching
Question & block randomization
Offline mobile app
Discrete choice conjoint
Card sorting
Heatmap & hotspot
Data quality
Weighting & balancing
Sentiment analysis
Data export & reporting
Anchored MaxDiff
Van Westendorp
Community management
24*7 support

* QuestionPro supports 98% of all Qualtrics question types. Your onboarding manager will help you find the best alternatives to any unsupported question type.

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How we help

Our user-friendly platform is developed to give you robust flexibility and unmatched power to unlock the insights you are looking for. We act as an extension to your success with our award-winning support team and DIY survey resources, including online guides, industry vetted survey templates, extensive FAQs, and 24*7 support teams. We also provide weekly live training services.

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Security and Compliance

At QuestionPro, the security of customer data is a top priority. With ISO 27001 certification, SSAE16/SOC-2, HIPAA compliant along with enterprise-grade security features, including data encryption, redundancy, and continuous network monitoring. QuestionPro is committed to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information within its system.

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