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Migrate from Qualtrics to QuestionPro in 3 easy steps!

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Why is QuestionPro the best Qualtrics alternative?

With a vast set of features, QuestionPro makes it an ideal Qualtrics alternative. Migrate to QuestionPro and gather insights that power your business.

What makes QuestionPro the best alternative of Qualtrics?

QuestionPro Qualtrics
Checkbox grid right right
Dropdown grid right right
Checkbox right right
Dropdown right right
Date/Time right right
Text response right right
Section heading right right
Multiple choice right right
Picture right right
Net Promoter Score right right
Max differential scale right right
Ranking right right
Semantic differential right right
Drill down right right
Yes/No right right
File upload right right
Payment question right right
Timer right right
Score display right right
Hidden field right right
Image heat map right right
3D Matrix right right
Image hot spot right right
Signature right right
Slider right right
Group/Rank right right
Discrete choice conjoint right right
TubePulse right right
FedRamp right right
Data import from external sources right right
Imagechooser right
Graphical rating right
Multi-tier lookup table right
Van Westendorp pricing right
Community management right
24/7 live chat and phone support right
*Note: QuestionPro supports 98% of all Qualtrics question types. Your onboarding manager will help you find the best alternatives to any unsupported question type.