Leadership development through 360 feedback surveys

All eyes are on leaders - expectations of them are growing fast and evolving quickly. To make the greatest impact on their people and the success of their organization, they can't do it alone.

360 degree feedback is one of the most effective ways to provide constructive and actionable insights for leaders to grow and develop. We believe it’s not a question of whether an organization should include it as a part of their L&D program, but how quickly and easily they can get started. That’s why we built one of the best 360 feedback softwares on the market, so every organization can benefit from this great strategy.

Are you an employer looking to develop and empower your leaders?

QuestionPro 360 degree platform is intuitive and easy to use. With our out of the box assessment you can measure the most critical and contemporary competencies, such as inclusive leadership, resilience, team capacity management, and much more. The assessment is fully configurable to fit exactly what you believe are the most important leadership traits for your organization.

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Are you a consultant looking for great 360 feedback software?

There are many kinds of organizational cultures, which require leaders with various skill sets to help them thrive. Because there is no one-size-fits-all leadership assessment, we also support and partner with consultancies who have developed their own models to help empower different kinds of leaders. If you are a consultancy we would love to work with you and help you bring your leadership philosophy to life in an even more profound way with our powerful 360 technology.

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Feedback Amplified by Generative AI

While undergoing a 360 review is an incredibly valuable part of leadership development, receiving the results can often be very emotional. We believe that incorporating generative AI in the platform will help subjects more easily make sense of the open-ended comments and be a huge leap for them to get even more value from the 360 degree feedback.

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Case studies

OPTM360 | Talent Strategy Group

The OPTM360 is a radically different 360, intentionally designed to appeal to progressive organizations looking to create true behavior change.

OPTM360 chose QuestionPro as its technology partner because of our easy-to-use platform, flexibility to add functionalities they uniquely needed, and our success team that felt like an extension of their own organization.


360 Development Platform that Drives Performance

Key building blocks that help turn 360 degree feedback into action and impact

Standout 360 software and standout support

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Success & Support Team

Each account comes with a dedicated Customer Success Team Member, as well as access to 24/7 support. You’ll never have to search through endless help files and wrangle bots to get help.

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Available on the web, tablet, and mobile. Email, SMS, & portal survey distribution to reach employees no matter where they are. Integrated employee directory and FTP/API provides easy access to subjects and evaluators.

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Our 360 degree feedback platform is cloud based, with data centers across the globe. We provide Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA™), world class security SOPs, and are GDPR compliant.

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"The QuestionPro team really listened to our needs and was able to put together a technology solution that effectively supported our unique approach to 360. We are very happy with how supportive and attentive their team has been throughout our partnership."

Beth Ann Murray Director, OPTM360

Why is 360 degree feedback important?

The expectations of leaders in the years to come are unlike anything we’ve seen before. That’s why it’s critical to start with development programs, now.

Holistic view of performance

The best way for a leader to get an understanding of their strengths and opportunities for improvement is through asking for feedback and advice from their managers, peers, and other stakeholders, and see how that compares to the self-evaluation.

Focus on development

While feedback is sometimes hard to give, 360 feedback surveys focus on development and advice for leaders for how they can get better, taking away the stigma of traditional assessments or performance evaluations, focusing more exclusively on improvement.

Competencies that matter to you

While feedback is with different leadership models available in the marketplace, 360 software enables the organization to focus on the competencies and behaviors that are the most important to them, and drive advancement and development in these areas.