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With a focus on providing an exceptional user experience and delivering measurable results, TSG and QuestionPro are working together to help organizations build better talent, faster.

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Case Study: The Talent Strategy Group

About The Talent Strategy Group and OPTM360

The Talent Strategy Group (TSG) is a talent management consultancy that focuses on building better talent for their clients, based on the principles of Harvard Business Review Publishing's best-selling book on talent, One Page Talent Management. Led by Marc Effron, TSG has spent the last thirteen years working with the world’s leading organizations. Their approach integrates simplicity, accountability, and transparency into practices and processes to help their clients boost employee performance, build a stronger culture, and drive better business results.

The One Page Talent Management 360 (OPTM360) is a unique product available through TSG and powered by QuestionPro. By providing participants with easy-to-understand, prioritized advice for changing their behaviors, it accelerates the move from feedback to action. The OPTM method is grounded in core behavioral and organizational science around how people give and receive feedback and what motivates people to change their behavior to achieve their goals. OPTM believes in a combination of simplicity, focused feedback, follow-up, and goal-setting as the most effective means to drive behavior change. Helping clients achieve the business objective of aligning people's behaviors with the organization's needs, this simple and powerful tool delivers results.

The OPTM360 method allows clients the opportunity to customize the behaviors used in the survey to align with the business needs of each client. Further customization of branding, messaging, and workflow allows our clients to define the client-user experience that best suits each client's organizational structure and culture.

Business Challenge

After seven years of having OPTM360, a custom developmental 360 feedback tool, on the Qualtrics platform, TSG was told that its proprietary model would no longer be supported under the new business model. The only way to continue to use Qualtrics would have been to pay exorbitant development fees to rebuild something that was uniquely designed for them by Qualtrics in the first place, so TSG decided to look elsewhere for a new home.


After a diligent search, TSG partnered with QuestionPro as the best solution to meet their requirements. TSG needed a customizable, agile, scalable, global, reliable, and affordable solution to meet the needs of their large customer base. QuestionPro’s Workforce platform provided the ultimate foundation for their proprietary developmental 360 model.

QuestionPro's Workforce Platform empowers customers to gather insights to improve their overall employee experience and build a stronger culture. Organizations use the platform to design various types of employee surveys for recruiting, onboarding, engagement, retention, 360s, exit surveys, and pulse checks. This added in making QuestionPro an attractive partner to TSG as it provided additional avenues to expand the partnership in the future.


TSG and QuestionPro built a strong partnership that spans beyond technology and is a true collaboration between the two organizations. This relationship is the foundation of the exceptional experience that QuestionPro is able to deliver to TSG.

TSG was able to transition their large, multinational client base from Qualtrics to the QuestionPro platform without interruption to their business. Following were some of the steps taken to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success of TSG’s OPTM360 clients.

  • Migration of clients from all instances and setup
    • Each QuestionPro customer has a dedicated customer success team member on their account. TSG’s dedicated customer success rep facilitated the setup process, ensuring that their clients can seamlessly continue their survey activities on the QuestionPro platform.

  • Creation of surveys, translations, and personalization
    • QuestionPro has assisted TSG in creating surveys tailored to their client's specific requirements. This includes offering support for survey translations to cater to multilingual needs. Additionally, QuestionPro's platform allows for personalization, enabling TSG to deliver a customized survey experience to each client.

  • Personalized branding experience
    • TSG can easily and efficiently create and design surveys that align with their client's needs and brand standards.

  • Custom 360 subject reports
    • QuestionPro has developed custom 360-degree subject reports that provide comprehensive insights and analysis, enabling TSG to deliver valuable feedback to their clients in a structured and meaningful manner.

  • SSO Setup for portal access
    • To enhance convenience and security, Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality is available for all clients. This enables TSG's clients to access the survey portal using their existing login credentials, providing a seamless and secure authentication process.

  • HRBP Access
    • QuestionPro offers HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) access, allowing shared administration and visibility. This feature enables efficient collaboration and ensures that HRBPs have the necessary access and oversight within the survey management process.

  • GDPR Compliance
    • Recognizing the importance of data protection and privacy, QuestionPro ensures GDPR compliance. By adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines, QuestionPro safeguards the personal data collected during surveys. QuestionPro has data centers in The United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East and North Africa.

QuestionPro also goes beyond technology to truly partner with clients to help them implement and run effective 360 development programs inside their organizations and with their clients.


“We developed the OPTM360 to make behavior change faster, easier and excuse-free, to be able to most effectively deliver on our philosophy, we needed a technology that was reliable and could adapt to our model, and QuestionPro as a partner has delivered in these areas.”

Marc Effron President of the Talent Strategy Group

“I can always depend on the support provided by the QuestionPro Team; I feel they are an integral part of my team, caring for my clients as if they were their own. The dedicated customer support is familiar, friendly, and accessible and truly helps me meet the needs of my customers.”

Beth Ann Murray Director of the OPTM360


In partnership for nearly three years, TSG and QuestionPro have spent the initial phase of the relationship scoping and developing the OPTM360 on the Workforce platform. We are now more deeply exploring possibilities to enhance the existing product and look for new opportunities. With a focus on providing an exceptional user experience and delivering measurable results, TSG and QuestionPro are working together to help organizations build better talent, faster.

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