Visualize and chart your research data with AI-linked dashboards

Use QuestionPro BI to plot interactive yet intelligent dashboards from all the qualitative and quantitative data you collect from your surveys natively within the tool.

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Turn data into actionable insights with an intelligent engine

Built on top of our artificial intelligence engine, QxBot, the BI tool converts each piece of your research and survey data into easily manageable insights with powerful yet intuitive dashboards.

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Point-and-click model for advanced dashboards

From large insights teams to novice researchers, you can use the QuestionPro BI tool to get a simplified view of your research within minutes to help you innovate and make decisions that matter faster.


Make strategic decisions no matter where your research data is in QuestionPro

Access data from our entire product suite of research software, customer experience software, and employee experience software to make AI-assisted sense of your research data, transform your employee experience and efficiently manage your customer experience.

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Build powerful research dashboards within minutes

Users leveraging the power of QuestionPro BI are reporting an 85% time benefit in conducting statistical analysis and creating dashboards. Try it now!


BI-linked dashboards, built within the platform!

The tool has something for everyone, from building baseline dashboards with a simple point-and-click model to advanced dashboarding.


Seamless integration

Easily integrates with all QuestionPro products, eliminating the need for additional BI tools.


Efficient data visualization

It reduces complex dashboarding from hours to minutes for both quantitative and qualitative data, saving valuable time and resources.


Fully customizable dashboards

Offers the flexibility to update colors, splice data, and update chart types to match your specific needs and brand identity.

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AI-driven insights

We utilize QxBot, our advanced AI engine, to provide baseline and contextual dashboards with text insights, enabling researchers to gain deeper insights without manual intervention.


Smart widgets

Create baseline reports per your brand with customizable widgets that enhance the presentation of your data.


Comprehensive insights

Build and share role-based accessible dashboards with multiple stakeholders, fostering better understanding and decision-making.