Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives & Competitors

We have created a comparison for you to know the best alternatives to SurveyMonkey, we also include a list of the best competitors based on customer service and functions.


What is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is a company focused on experience management. It offers a series of services and products focused on data collection. Among these, its survey software and its data collection app stand out.

SurveyMonkey offers its services to specialized industries. Some of its main competitors stand out with a better offering of solutions and features, among them we find QuestionPro, Qualtrics and Typeform.

They have recently changed their name to Momentive after being acquired by Zendesk, which has triggered a series of changes that motivate some users to look for better alternatives.

Why look upon an alternative to SurveyMonkey?

According to evaluation platforms, reviews and general opinions of its clients, the most common reasons why users of this platform choose to look for an alternative are the following*:

❌ Survey Invitation Design
❌ Protection Factors
❌ Poor Survey Design

❌ Difficult to configure logics
❌ Export option
❌ Basic license are quite limited

* Based on reviews from users of G2

If you are also dealing with this or any other limitation, read on to find out the best alternatives currently offered on the market.

SurveyMonkey vs QuestionPro comparison

QuestionPro has positioned itself in recent years as the best alternative to SurveyMonkey. One of the main reasons is that QuestionPro allows its users to freely choose whether they want to carry out simple investigations with slightly more advanced functions at no cost, or take advantage of their paid licenses, which are ideal for professionals and companies with more specific needs, covering thus any need they may have and far exceeding the options offered by SurveyMonkey.

Best SurveyMonkey Alternative



SurveyMonkey alternative



Top Features
Question types 25 19
Unlimited questions
Unlimited responses*
Customize survey colors
Add your own logo to survey
Skip logic branching
Question & answer piping
Shareable dashboard reports
Google Sheets integration
Data exports (xls & csv)
Customized thank you page
Basic quota management
Custom HTML email invitation
Send reminder emails
Free forever - no credit card needed
Response editor
Geocoding responses
Participant statistics
Real-time summary report
24/7 Livechat

*You can create 10 surveys on an Essentials License, each capturing up to 200 responses.

The cost for SurveyMonkey is $384/year. In comparison, many of the main payment features they offer can be used at QuestionPro at no cost. From using our online survey software to create surveys and track distribution to generating reports to turn data into insights.


Reasons QuestionPro is the best alternative to SurveyMonkey

easy to use

Easy to learn and master

Start creating surveys in less than 5 minutes. Our product is easy to use with a gentle learning curve. We offer tons of resources to support you at each point of your journey to create a great survey.

survey template

Professional survey templates

Get started in less than 5 mins with our 350+ free online survey templates for your market research, customer satisfaction surveys, academic research, community-based surveys, and much more! You can also customize them as you like.


Adherence to high-security standards

We ensure that all the survey data collected is stored securely to avoid any data breaches. We comply with major data security and privacy laws like GDPR, ISO:27001, CCPA, and others.

global support

24hr Global support

You can access us live 24/7, 365 days a year. Reach us anytime, from anywhere via online chat, email, or phone, and our representatives will be there to assist you. Our friendly and resourceful staff makes us a far better alternative to SurveyMonkey.


Reports that make sense

Make sense out of data using reports, graphs, and dashboards. Customize, filter, and export your data to showcase what’s relevant for your next big decision.

robust logics

Robust logics

Show only relevant questions to your respondents. Customize survey flow with skip logic, extraction, piping, show/hide questions and options, and randomization. We bet they're more simple, effective, and easy to learn as compared to SurveyMonkey.

7 Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives & Competitors

If you are looking for an alternative to SurveyMonkey, it is probably because you have felt limited by the limited functions that its platform offers. Relax, you are not the only one who happens, in fact it is something more common than you think. Fortunately in the market there are several options among which you will surely find an alternative that suits your needs and allows you to achieve the desired results.

The most popular SurveyMonkey Alternatives are:


As we have been telling you, QuestionPro has become the alternative to SurveyMonkey par excellence, this is mainly due to the fact that it allows its users to create more attractive and customizable surveys, as well as having access to a series of functions that allow them do in-depth data analysis and more effective data collection, thus generating actionable and high-impact insights for your projects.

For users looking to conduct a simple survey, QuestionPro's free Essentials license manages to cover most of the features that SurveyMonkey offers in its most basic paid license, allowing people to conduct professional research without investing a lot of money.

For those who are looking for more advanced tools and have felt limited by SurveyMonkey's services, QuestionPro becomes a safe alternative, since we have a whole series of functions and tools that meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

As if that were not enough, QuestionPro makes it easy to migrate your surveys from SurveyMonkey thanks to its data import functions. We also offer technical support to ensure that this migration is successful and you can start collecting quality information as soon as possible.

Google Forms

Google Forms has become one of the most popular platforms for people new to the world of research. Its simple interface and few features make creating your first survey a breeze and a fairly smooth ride.

Simplicity is one of the main characteristics of this platform, however it is common that it is seen by many as just a platform for simple data collection due to its limitations, it can still become an important data collection tool.

Why is Google Forms a great alternative to SurveyMonkey?

Its advantage is clear, there is no limit to the number of questions you can add to your survey and you can collect the answers you need. In addition, it is completely free.

With Google Forms you will not have surprises, it is a simple but powerful platform, with just a couple of clicks you will have your fully functional questionnaire ready to be distributed.


Typeform is a survey software that has quickly gained a foothold in the competitive market research market. Your main advantage over your competitors has been the attractiveness of your surveys.

With a great look and feel and an intuitive interface, typeform is a great alternative to SurveyMonkey for your projects.

Why is Typeform a great alternative to SurveyMonkey?

As we mentioned earlier, Typeform's predesigned templates allow you to create very nice looking questionnaires very easily.

These types of forms are ideal for B2C collection or personal investigations. Its appearance will allow you to offer a tool with a more professional appearance and increase your response rates. They both offer similar features for a similar cost, but if you're looking for nice surveys, Typeform may be a great option for you.

Zoho Survey

Zoho offers its corporate clients a wide range of tools ranging from CRMs to marketing tools, this has positioned it as an option for those looking for a unified environment.

Zoho Surveys is a product with which it is possible to create and distribute questionnaires, good service and its advanced functions have allowed it to position itself as one of the main competitors of SurveyMonkey.

Why is Zoho Surveys a great alternative to SurveyMonkey?

Its intuitive interface, its lower cost, and the variety of features they offer, make Zoho Surveys a great option when taking your surveys to start collecting data and making decisions. With Zoho Surveys, you'll have a more balanced option than what SurveyMonkey offers, plus useful features and a number of integrations to jump-start your next investigation.

Ask nicely

Ask Nicely is a data collection tool whose main focus is on measuring the levels of satisfaction that customers have with certain services or products.

Its approach has allowed various brands to choose to use it to understand the perception of their customers through the implementation of the Net Promoter Score methodology.

Why is Ask Nicely a great alternative to SurveyMonkey?

If you're looking to conduct CX studies, Ask Nicely beats SurveyMonkey with its approach. Its platform will allow you to make a detailed analysis of the perception of your customers. If you are looking for a tool to use the Net Promoter Score methodology, Ask Nicely is a great option.


If you're looking for something very similar to what SurveyMonkey has to offer and you want an easy-to-use interface to switch immediately, Alchemer may be what you're looking for.

Formerly known as SurveyGizmo, Alchemer is a platform where you can create questionnaires and customize them in seconds thanks to its intuitive UI, it also offers you a series of ideal features to analyze the collected data and obtain actionable insights.

Why is Alchemer a great alternative to SurveyMonkey?

Alchemer has a fairly intuitive interface that will allow you to migrate right away, although their payment plans are above competitors such as QuestionPro, the functions they offer are quite similar to those of SurveyMonkey and you will be able to carry out similar studies, if you are looking for more functions perhaps you can explore other options.


Qualtrics is a quite popular alternative to SurveyMonkey, especially among professionals who find limitations when conducting their studies in that software.

Qualtrics is a company that offers data collection and experience management services, in recent years they have taken an approach focused on measuring customer experience and data analytics.

Why is Qualtrics a good alternative to SurveyMonkey?

Qualtrics offers a wide range of tools for the most sophisticated investigations. They usually have multiple options for any type of study, especially in terms of customer and employee experience.

Their platform usually has a relevant learning curve, but once you master it, you will be able to take advantage of its many benefits. Its high cost and its business model are usually important detractors when making the switch, so if you are looking for a platform that allows you to carry out advanced studies, we recommend you choose to consult our comparison with alternatives to Qualtrics.

What is the best free SurveyMonkey alternative?

The answer is undoubtedly QuestionPro, as multiple users confirm this either by using our free features to supplement SurveyMonkey's basic paid license, or by accessing our more advanced features.
If you want to consult a more detailed comparison between the two platforms to make a decision, we invite you to visit the following article.

User finding the best SurveyMonkey Alternative

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