Comparison between Google Forms and QuestionPro

Are you thinking of carrying out a research and you are unsure about which tool to use?

It is very common that when you start a project you have some uncertainty about which service will become your ally to achieve the expected results, that is why we have decided to create this comparison between Google Forms vs QuestionPro so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and projects.

How was this comparison made?

Before starting, you probably have the following question: Why should I trust this comparison?

Well, here we have two simple but powerful reasons, the first and most important is that this analysis was not made by either of the two companies compared but is made by taking data from the main platforms of comparative web tools, which are nourished by the opinion and experience of hundreds of consumers who have tested both tools.

Our second reason is simpler, part of our mission is to spread and encourage the use of online tools to allow Latin American companies to have a significant advance, thus directly impacting local economies.

Details of the comparison between Google Forms and QuestionPro.

Crea encuestas universitarias

Capterra: A compilation of the main tools and databases dedicated to this type of activity, such as Capterra and TrustRadius, was carried out, followed by a comparison of the main functions offered and used by users to determine a score to make an informed decision.


Google Forms

Main characteristics

Free Version and Fixed Plans (Consult Plans)


Support language

Spanish, english, portuguese, hindi, german.

Spanish, english.


Via chat, email and phone.

Only through help archives.

Optimized mobile screen

Advanced and customizables

Linear and simple diagrams

Importing surveys from Word
Multimedia file rating question
Smart logic
Data and informes exportation
Global password protection
Offline data collection
Save and continue
Programming survey reminders
Different types of advanced questions
Multilingual surveys
SPSS Export & Text Analysis
Data Segmentation
Panel Integration
API Integration
Custom consulting
Report Planner
Trend analysis

Why is QuestionPro the best alternative in comparison to Google Forms?

The answer is very simple, surveys are a serious and professional topic, if you are looking for a tool that allows you to develop advanced research QuestionPro is your best option.

Google Forms is an option for simple studies with questions that do not require a great capacity for analysis or collection.

The purpose of Google Forms is to provide the ability to create simple surveys to its users, platforms like QuestionPro give users the ability to create complex research, tests and studies in a simple way, allowing time savings in processes such as data analysis or distribution of their surveys.

Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of Google Forms here

Google Forms vs QuestionPro Which one is better?

Both platforms perfectly fulfill the functions for which they were designed. Do you want to create simple surveys without data analysis and only distributed through a link? Google Forms is for you!

Do you want to create questionnaires with a large volume of responses, distribute them in online and offline media (print, word, url, mobile devices, etc.) plus an immediate analysis? QuestionPro is for you.

With QuestionPro you will be able to collect large volumes of information and make an analysis in real time. It also has logic, which allows you to create intelligent surveys and, of course, the guarantee that a great team is ready to guide you through the process completely in your language.

24/7 support

We are ready to help you!

Our 24/7 customer service is trained and ready to support you. Plus, you have access to online guides and help files, over 300 free survey templates, training and much more.


Security and data protection

At QuestionPro, the security of customer data is a top priority. We protect you with ISO 27001 certification, EU-US Privacy Protection Framework, and Swiss-US Privacy Protection Framework, SSAE16/SOC-2, HIPAA compliant, along with enterprise-level security features, including data encryption, and continuous network monitoring.

QuestionPro is committed to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information within your system.

Learn more about our platform's privacy and security terms.

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