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questionPro Free Plan

Nonprofit license features


  • Unlimited surveys ‪‪Collect unlimited insights with unlimited surveys.
  • Email support 24x7 email support.‪

Upgraded Features:

  • 35+ question types ‪Unlock advanced question types.
  • Upto 10,000 Responses Limited to 10K responses.
  • Advanced logic and piping ‪Display relevant questions based on users response to a question or combination of questions.
  • Email reminders and scheduling ‪Schedule automatic reminders for survey respondents.
  • Multilingual Surveys ‪Enable respondents to choose their preferred language to answer the survey.
  • Advanced quota control ‪Advanced quota control logic to limit response collection for customizable segments based on your needs.
  • Offline data collection ‪Collect data offline using your phone or tablet with the QuestionPro app.
  • Advanced Text analysis ‪Tag open ended text responses into categories.
  • Advanced filtering and segmentation ‪Filter data and run segmented analysis for different datasets.
  • Custom email notifications ‪Trigger custom email notifications based on responses to the survey.
  • Custom quiz & scoring ‪Create a quiz by adding scores to questions.
  • Custom variables ‪Use 250+ custom variables for tracking or logic. These can be predefined or updated live on the surveys.
  • Panel Integration ‪Integrate QuestionPro surveys with third party panels or sample providers.
  • 24/7 chat and phone support ‪Connect with our expert support engineers in real-time and get immediate answers.

Nonprofit License, full access for free!

We know that you are passionate about your nonprofit's mission, and we are here to support that. We believe that nonprofits bring good to the world, and we want to encourage that by offering full access to our Nonprofit license - with equal features, support, onboarding, and training as our paying customers.

No matter what your size, we are here assist you to gather, analyze, and take action with transformative data to support your mission.

Set up your free Nonprofit license account in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign Up: Register for a free QuestionPro account here. (One license serves one user. Please get in touch with us if you need a multiple user license.)
  2. Upgrade for free: Give us a quick backlink on your website’s homepage or your partner’s webpage. Add the below statement:

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  3. Let us know: Once done, write to us on [email protected] and we’ll get back to you shortly to upgrade your account for free.

Renew every year:

  • To have your existing QuestionPro nonprofit license renewed, we request you to leave us a public review on G2 about your great QuestionPro Experience here on this Link
  • Send us up to 3 references of any nonprofits who could benefit from the free Nonprofit QuestionPro License.
  • QuestionPro - Trusted globally by over 10,000 Nonprofits.