We have made a comparison that will help you choose the best platform for your next research project.

Currently there are many platforms to conduct online surveys, however not all of them cover your budget and do not offer the right tools or features to meet your needs.

Learn more about these tools that will help you design a survey, collect the data, make an effective analysis of the information and have a report of your research results.

If you are looking for a different survey software, we recommend reading this article about Typeform vs QuestionPro. Find out which of them is your best option for your online surveys.

Typeform vs QuestionPro: Comparing the features of the basic license

If you want to conduct effective research, QuestionPro is the best solution. The tool offers incredible features for any type of business, and thanks to the fact that it offers support in Spanish, it has managed to position itself in every country in Latin America for its user care and customer experience, this is something that other companies do not provide.

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Main Features
Forever free and no credit card required
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions
Unlimited answers
Types of questions 25 20
Custom surveys with colors
Add your own logo to the survey
Skip Logic
Question and answer piping
Sharing reporting dashboards
Custom thank you page
Integration with Google Sheets
Export data (xls and csv)
Basic quota management
24/7 support
Test and payment calculator
Option to collect payments
Integration with Airtable
Schedule an end date

You can collect unlimited responses in your account, however, each survey is limited to a maximum of 300 responses.

Top 5 Typeform Alternatives

Undoubtedly, Typeform is a good survey tool, but at times, it doesn’t meet your requirements. The definition of good survey software is subjective and it entirely varies from project to project.

But isn’t it great if one tool can meet all your needs? We’ll help you with various Typeform alternative options, but before that, let’s start by comparing Typeform with QuestionPro and other survey software.

We analyzed different survey software based on the below factors.

  • Number of features
  • User-friendliness
  • Clean UI
  • Customization
  • Performance
  • Integration capabilities
  • Support Pricing

Have you been using Typeform and not happy with it? Are you looking for a Typeform alternative? Here we are with the top five alternatives that are great survey software and are a hit among market researchers.

Top Alternative #5 - JotForm

Jotform is easy to learn and ideal for users with a non-technical background. They offer not-so-expensive plans with a user-friendly UI. But, it suffers from performance issues sporadically and crashes while uploading media. It can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience to start all over again.

Top Alternative #4 - SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most commonly used tools by students and integrates well with third-party apps. You can go this tool if you are searching for reliable software that offers good customization options and ample resources to get started. On the downside, it is pricier for commonly needed features and does not offer great customer support.

Top Alternative #3 - SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow has a clean and sleek UI that users find easy to use. It offers stable performance and generates reports quite fast without crashing. However, it is not recommended for big enterprises that want to conduct advanced market research and manage customer experience. Also, it offers below-average customer support, data filters and user segmentation.

Top Alternative #2 - Alchemer

Alchemer, formerly SurveyGizmo, is a robust survey software used by many small and big companies to conduct research using surveys. You can create questionnaires and share reports with the stakeholders. You can buy its plan for a wide range of features including survey logic, customization options and integration capabilities. But, it is not suitable for non-profit organizations for its expensive pricing.

Top Alternative #1 - QuestionPro

QuestionPro offers 80+ features for free with its Essentials account. It includes survey design, customization, distribution and report analytics. Choose from 40+ question types and 10+ logic types to create a questionnaire. You can also select from 350+ premade survey templates.

With Team edition, you can collaborate with your team and work on the same project. QuestionPro lets you send your surveys through multiple channels like email, website, mobile app, QR code, and more.

What differentiates QuestionPro from Typeform and other alternatives is it offers a complete end-to-end solution for research and experience management. You can choose your sample of respondents from a database of 22M+ and select as per geography, language, age, etc.

Additionally, QuestionPro offers its advanced paid license for free to non-profit organizations and at a highly discounted rate to universities and academic institutions.

For these reasons, QuestionPro makes the #1 Typeform alternative and the best choice for students, small teams, and market research organizations.

Why is QuestionPro the best alternative to Typeform?

QuestionPro offers a wide variety of features in its FREE License, which make your research experience a professional process and best of all it's FREE, we definitely offer a better solution than any other platform.

This next is a summary of the features you can get and you will notice that Typeform is definitely no competition for us.

  • Unlimited questions and answers: QuestionPro is the only platform that offers unlimited survey creation in its free license. Plus, it allows you to collect up to 1,000 responses on each survey. TypeForm gives you the option of only 1000 responses/month in its $35/month version.

  • Use of logics: QuestionPro allows you to add unlimited logics to a survey even in its free version. Unlike Typeform which in its trial version does not allow you to use logics, and its license limits the use of skip logic per survey to 3. QuestionPro also has more types of answers, TypeForm only has "is or is not", "and/or".

  • Custom surveys: Customization of surveys with QuestionPro is professional, as it makes it possible for organizations to add their brand colors and logo. Users will feel more confident in answering your questions.

  • Custom URL: QuestionPro allows you to customize your survey URL in its free license. Thanks to this, your questionnaires will look professional.

  • Different types of questions: In our online survey platform you can take advantage of a lot of features to collect your survey data, as it has 25 question types in its free license and make your questionnaire process an attractive and easy-to-answer tool.

  • Quota management: With QuestionPro you can restrict the number of responses to your questionnaire, which will benefit the duration of your data collection process.

  • Report sharing: QuestionPro allows you to create reports and perform in-depth data analysis, which you can share with your team and make better decisions for your company.

Migrate your Typeform surveys to QuestionPro

While the market is flooded with SaaS survey software, we found these were the top 5 Typeform alternatives based on our analysis and customer reviews.

We would suggest to create a free account with these 5 options and try them out. If you’re not sure, chat with their team and see if they can help you. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll help you without any obligations.

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