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What is a mobile optimized survey?

No enterprise or surveyor can afford to ignore the use of smartphones and tablets in our daily lives. Designed to fit in with our mobile-dominated era, mobile-optimized surveys are any surveys taken on a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet computer and form an important aspect of market research. Ensure a wider reach and convenient response from the people participating in a survey by making it easy for them to read, understand, and respond on their mobile devices.

All QuestionPro surveys are mobile optimized, which means that the mobile responsiveness of surveys is thoroughly managed by keeping larger text and using easy-to-click buttons, as well as formatting in such a way that increases comprehension and completion rate. No additional set up or configuration needed; our precisely optimized survey software uses features like 'mobile device auto-detect' to automatically deliver a streamlined, easy-to-take survey to anyone that’s using a mobile device.

Any issues related to survey optimization might force respondents to leave the survey without ever completing it. A survey that is not mobile friendly will not only reduce the response rate, but also jeopardize the motive and goal behind the survey creation.

Why use mobile surveys?

A vast majority of Americans – 95% — today own a mobile device of any kind. Not only do Americans own mobile devices, but they’re also using them more: the number of cellphone users in America has increased from 35% in 2011, to 77% (more than double!). Here’s one last statistic for you — and probably the most important of them all:

When polled about survey preferences, about 65% of survey respondents said they prefer taking surveys on their mobile phones and tablets. When creating surveys to send to your clients, customers, or a research group, doesn’t it make sense to target your audience through their preferred method of survey-taking to increase your response rates? It also helps to expedite customer service and enhance customer experience.

Here are three benefits of using a mobile survey:

  1. Adapt to any screen, without sacrificing customizability

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, QuestionPro’s mobile survey design automatically adapts to any size and type of touchscreen. Our easy-to-use survey maker tool has a responsively designed mobile survey app for Apple and Android, which ensures that your surveys will look pretty and appealing no matter the screen. Irrelevant to the complexity of your questions or how customized the survey, surveys reformat themselves to suit the interface of whichever device they are opened on.

  2. Faster load times

    Whether your respondents are in 5G or in low connection areas, they’ll still be able to take your survey. No internet service provider can guarantee consistency in internet speed (which is already dependent on location, device configuration, and other factors) — so don’t let internet connection affect your survey. QuestionPro is one of the best mobile survey tools at optimizing surveys for mobile. Create and deliver a fast-loading mobile survey questionnaire while ensuring better participation and smoother survey experience. Collect real time survey results even when in the field and enhance your insights collection process.

  3. An enhanced survey experience:

    We studied user interface and the psychology of mobile users, so you don’t have to. After a lot of trial and error, QuestionPro has come up with a quality online survey tool that delivers a great survey-taking experience. Features like a touch-friendly, responsive button placement ensure that your respondents click the right answer, each time. By displaying one question at a time, the mobile-optimized survey encourages simple, convenient participation from respondents and enhances their overall experience.

What devices work with mobile surveys?

The majority of existing modern mobile browsers are compatible with our mobile survey app. QuestionPro auto-detects whether or not devices are mobile, so surveys can be viewed and taken on: iPhones, iPads, Androids phones, tablets, and even outdated Windows and BlackBerry phones.

How do I create a mobile survey in QuestionPro?

Our free mobile survey tools make it easy for you to create a mobile-optimized survey:

  • Create a mobile survey in QuestionPro, just like you would any other survey
  • Distribute it to your targeted audience using email, social media integration, website pop-ups, push notifications, QR codes, or SMS
  • Collect responses… it’s that easy!

Five advantages of using mobile-optimized surveys

Creating mobile-optimized surveys is simple!

  1. Mobile survey tools are the best medium to reach your smartphone-using audience, especially the business-class group and millennials.
  2. They’re very easy to distribute, save time, and simplify.
  3. QuestionPro’s mobile surveys utilize smartphone GPS technology to determine the validity of responses (and that whoever is taking the survey is not a ‘bot’ or a ‘spider’).
  4. Advanced capabilities like the ability for respondents to share pictures, record voice or video responses, or take notes.
  5. Instantaneous response collection: rather than remembering to switch to a laptop or desktop computer, respondents can take surveys on the go — and wherever they are.

A GDPR compliant survey maker tool

Our survey maker tool is completely GDPR compliant. With access to respondents’ mobile applications and geolocation tracking, we ensure that even if respondents take the survey, the data always belongs to them. GDPR compliance limits enterprises and surveyors to only observing user behavior as per the users’ consent. Please remember, do not capture the data if the respondent in no way has authorized you to do so. Learn more about our GDPR policy.

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