How to Optimize Your Survey for Mobile

How to Optimize Your Survey for MobileMobile technology is more popular than ever before, as we have no doubt all noticed from the ever-present mobile phones and tablets on our possession at all times. That’s why you also need to start thinking about your mobile strategy and creating a survey for mobile as part of your feedback program would be a good start. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, global traffic to mobile devices is expected to increase 18-fold by 2016. Smartphone use tripled in 2011, and it’s expected that mobile devices will use 2.6GB of data per month.

What does all this mean for online survey creation?

Quite simply, you must be optimizing your online survey for mobile devices since that’s where people are accessing their email and browsing the web. To address this need, QuestionPro surveys are automatically optimized for mobile respondents using our mobile device auto-detection and the latest HTML5 rendering. Let’s take a look at the key features of mobile optimized surveys.

What is a mobile optimized survey?

A survey for mobile is simply an assessment taken on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. A mobile optimized survey is easy to read and is designed specifically for people using small touchscreen devices. The text is larger and the buttons easier to click. All QuestionPro surveys are mobile optimized.

How do I create a survey for mobile?

QuestionPro makes the survey configuration process easy for the individuals creating a survey for mobile. You will create the survey in QuestionPro and send it to respondents using email, Facebook, weblinks, popups or QR codes – just as you would with any other survey.

QuestionPro then uses “mobile device auto-detect” to identify that the respondent is viewing the survey from a mobile phone or tablet. The survey is automatically optimized for such mobile devices, which means it will look good, be easy to read, thus making it easy to complete. There is no additional setup or configuration that’s needed. It’s that easy!

What devices work with mobile surveys?

The respondent’s mobile device is automatically detected. As such, most modern mobile browsers are compatible with our mobile surveys. These devices include iPhones, iPads, Androids phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and many more.

As more and more individuals do their online computing from mobile phones and tablets, it’s critical to make sure your surveys are accessible through those devices. With QuestionPro’s online survey optimization, it’s as easy as can be to design one survey that’s user-friendly for mobile. Don’t miss out on obtaining valuable survey responses because you’re not thinking in mobile terms.