Track national to hyper-local effects of the pandemic

Use our comprehensive research platform to manage bivariate data and derive insights into factors that matter in four easy steps. Take fact-based agile decisions based on shifting trends and behaviors with regards to various health and socio-economic factors.

Check in on your team’s health with this free survey

With a majority of workforce telecommuting, identify and work on areas that may affect productivity, and business continuity. Know if your employees connect enough with the team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ask - weekly remote check-in by QuestionPro

Connect with your employees every week with Pulse Queue. Ask your employees a question every week to check-in on them. Queue your questions to schedule weekly follow-ups and devise an action plan for meeting remote work challenges.
Free Coronavirus survey template

Use our ready-to-deploy survey templates created specially for Coronavirus pandemic. Collect data to ensure safety of people around you and identify hotspots early.

Work from home check-in survey

Use our free online survey to know if your employees are facing any challenges pertaining to team support, tools or communication.

Work from home efficiency survey

Know how productive your employees are, whether they are facing any challenges and if they need any help.

Return to work pulse survey

Use this 'Return to work' survey template to check up on your employees and their readiness to get back to work.

Leadership check-in survey

Use this survey template to understand the challenges faced by the employees, their faith in the organization, industry, and economy on the whole.

Remote learning pulse survey

Use this template to gauge the preparedness of students to participate in a remote classroom setup.

Coronavirus survey #1: How have the Americans reacted to the coronavirus?

Check out interesting infographics on how Americans sourced news, how often and what were their first reactions.

Coronavirus survey #2: Shows a rise in worry among US citizens

From slowdown of economy to job security, travel restrictions and overall health, fears and worry grew among people.

Coronavirus survey #3: How are Americans adjusting to COVID-19?

With more than a month of self-isolation, health and economy remain top worries.

COVID-19: Economic impact assessment survey

Collect data as inputs to models for tax base calculations, state/local and government entities and use it for asking grants and assistance at the federal level.

Support your transition from offline events to online

The event business model has gone through a drastic change, and so has the event feedback collection mechanism. We have free resources to help you evaluate the success of your digital events.

While you're on lockdown, your insights don't have to be!

Untill the world returns to a new normal, we want to educate people about how and why to make the move of migrating to online focus groups.